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It’s pouring rain here again so I am spending a lot of time on the computer surfing motorcycles rather than riding them.

I have put my collection of CB1100 links and information onto a new Facebook page that I will support. Click to view.

It’s small so far but a start given there seems to be no forum outside Japan for the model. If there is one then feel free to announce it on the Facebook page please.

And if you have not seen the below already then something to while away some time as the rain sets in for another week.



  1. Why don't YOU create the first forum for the bike. You'll be sure to get lots of members.


  2. I started the Buells Downunder forum and vowed I would never run a forum again. Way too much work. Actually I really don't like forums at all these days. They each seem to have a few dominant users who live online and strangle any conversations that vary from their way of thinking.

  3. I would so love to ride the CB1100. But Honda just won't sell it here in California. I consider you Aussies a lucky bunch to have this bike as one of your choices.


  4. the photograph at the top of the page...where


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