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Motorcycle Paradise

Some holiday reading

No chance to ride while this monsoon pours rain every day. So not much blogging about any rides is going to happen until the clouds lift.

Plenty of photos and links each day on the Motorcycle Paradise Facebook page where now I post all the various motorcycle small items of interest I come across while surfing the net. That lightens the blog of content but also keeps it more focused.

Here is a a couple of suggestions for motorcycle blogs to read while waiting for the weather to improve.


Fuzzy Galore has kept me busy reading with lots of interesting posts about motorcycling. I enjoyed revisiting the European alpine passes I rode this year that she also traversed. Great photos, great blog!


And from Fuzzy’s site I found Orsons Travel Blog which is an amazing collection of motorcycle travel stories. I have read some of Orsons ride reports previously on a motorcycle forum, either SportTouring or Pashnit, I cannot remember but I am so glad to find his blog.

(Photos via Fuzzy Galore and Orsons travel blog)

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