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Cortech super mini magnetic tank bag

I have had this in the cupboard unused for about 12 months. It was listed in an online clearance sale for $29 with free post and usually retails nearer to one hundred so I decided to buy it and put aside.


The Buell had a plastic tank so it could not take a magnetic tank bag however since it already had panniers fitted this wasn’t a problem. I was then going to use it on the Euro tour but found out all the motorcycles came with luggage installed so it didn’t see the light of day until I got the CB1100.
It is a neat solution to the problem I had been pondering of how to bring my micro four thirds format camera with me on the CB1100. While these mirror less camera bodies are smaller than a SLR with a lens fitted they still are not a pocket item when riding.


I think you could just fit your wet weather gear in one of these tank bags. I am toying with the idea of buying a pair of bicycle rider rain pants since I lost my Tourmaster ones somewhere on a previous ride and then see how small they end up. I read in reviews that bicycle rain gear is very compact to fit in a riders pocket so it is possible that pants and jacket could fit in a small space on a motorcycle or perhaps even in the left over space in my tank bag.

I don’t think bicycle rain wear is going to be up to the same standard as good motorcycle rain wear however neither do I ride in rain all that often. Actually I only got to use my Tourmaster two piece suit twice since I first got it. With day rides if it’s wet I simply stay home and if caught by a afternoon thunderstorm I wait in a café until it’s past.

Well I’ll get some and let you know in the new year how it goes.
Here’s to 2011. Cheers, IC.

Update. Still using this same tank bag a few years now. Has been good little unit for day trip stuff or the stuff you want to have at hand like camera and I can fit a drink inside (in a small insulated bag) and my GPS will fit in the map window and the battery pack underneath then when stopping for lunch all my valuables come into the cafe with me while my clothes (on tour) can be left on bike in a simple waterproof roll up bag or backpack. Its a handy item and well worth $30.


  1. Hi IC, I've been looking at getting that same tank bag for the Vstrom. I was considering the strap-mount version but think the magnetic one would do the job fine. Plenty of people on the Vstrom forums use these....the tank is an odd shape but this bag fits it perfectly.

  2. Skip the strap bags Anthony. I had one once and because they do not sit 100% still like a magnetic bag they will scratch your tank with their movement once any dust finds it's way in between.

  3. Thanks for the info IC, good to know. Will go with the magnetic one. have them for $69.95 with free shipping.

    I basically need enough space for iphone, keys, wallet, small camera, and anything else that I don't want in my pockets. i'm sure this bag will do the trick.

    Have a great week mate,

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  5. This looks really nice! Been looking around for a bag that would hold small valuables.

  6. Top little bag, has a rain cover too.


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