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Quick Japan Update

Typhoon has gone, I have the CB1100 and am on the road near Mt Fuji. Lost near half a day getting the bike and getting out of Tokyo on a traffic jammed public holiday as the GPS took me on a wild goose chase all over town before putting me on the tollway west. However the weather forecast is sun sun sun so I just have to wear axing some of the Isu Skline today or somehow redo my routes tonight and axe Bandai Yama … time for a beer and a think.


Didn’t know about the Typhoon washing out the ride last week? - get yourself over to the Motorcycle Paradise Facebook page!


  1. If you are going to mountain areas, don't forget seeing beautiful red and yellow leaves in autumn!

  2. Saw a bit of colour this afternoon, hope to see a lot more around Nikko Friday where I hear the leaves have changed colours.


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