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Importance of good riding gear


Examining my riding gear post the accident in Japan.

Despite sliding at slow pace on ice, the bike scraped the ice off the road in front of me for so I was sliding on the tarmac for a short distance after impacting with road after fall.

Starting from the bottom, my 3/4 length Joe Rocket boots show where they were dragging on the left side ankle height, this area of the boot is well made and protected ankle from injury.

The Alpinestars pants have soft impact absorbing hip and knee armor, that’s the points where I landed and the armor did a really great job as I was not sore afterwards.

Really glad I was not riding in my Draggin Kevlar jeans as would have been a hard wack in them. Also my shorty boots are rather thin about the ankles so I probably will not wear them ever again.

Upper body contact was elbow and shoulder both of which have armor in the Alpinestars jacket and I again was not sore afterwards.

My hands were wearing the Held gloves and these show where my left hand knuckles scraped however they have a metal plate that protected and again no injury at all to me.

My helmet made contact first on the side of the visor which held fast and then on the chin area. The Shark did a great job to not release the visor and to absorb the hit. Don’t think I shall look at any more open face or jet helmets.

I have come off dirt bikes a few times and even slow it hurts hitting the ground with any part of your body not protected by armor and especially so if you wack your head on the ground. I honestly can say I didn’t feel a lot from any point of contact including helmet and it was a slow but still fast enough to have been worse if I had not ben wearing all the gear. The Japanese riders who witnessed were surprised and pleased I was not hurt.

Think I am going to retire a few old favorites that I ride in here after this and make sure everything I use offers a similar level of protection.


  1. From my personal experience with riding and being involved in a bad Motorcycle accident which I survived, I agree with on the the importance of riding gear. Alpinestar offer the highest quality materials and construction, I don't leave home with out my gear after that.

  2. Sorry to hear about your mishap. Looks like your gear did its job.

  3. I guess no one really wants to test the safety capabilities of their gear out on the road, but its so great when it performs as it should and you've come away from this with no injuries and you know that the gear works!


  4. One thing I had read about and I think posted about previously was how the lower impact points were more often knees and hips not seat of pants as people think (and buy to suit) Low and behold that was exactly what I experienced.

  5. Riding a motorcycle is definitely an enjoyable experience, but you should also know that it’s really important for motorcyclists to wear the proper safety equipment. You never know when accidents might happen, whether it may be small bump or a major accident, so it’s important to always wear your gear. Wearing the right equipment will protect you and reduce the risk of injury, or worse, death.


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