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Nylon clothing repair

I am preparing for the Japan ride and the weather is going to be mixed so I needed to make some repairs to my pants which I managed to touch against the hot exhaust of the Honda in Germany.

It only took a couple of seconds to melt the outer nylon and inner layer and lucky there is mesh inside the pants at that area for air circulation which is some sort of cloth material not plastic and it held while my  brain registered something was burning and moved my leg in time to avoid a nasty burn.

I did not need to worry about rain on the rest of the tour however I obtained some silver duct tape and tried that a few times on the hole but it just falls off sooner or later (but if stuck it will seal with enough applied) So I sought out a bike shop here in Tokyo to try find a fix.

I obtained a product called Tenacious Tape made by McNett from the NAPS motorcycle accessories shop in Mitaka. This stuff is semi clear textured plastic that appears similar to nylon material in pants and tents and has a high strength adhesive that strengthens with time.

Seems to provide a very good repair, no lifting at all and being clear it half blends in, not that looks are an issue, I just needed to stop the rain entering and then finding its way down into my boots.


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