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Textile rider gear repairs

I needed to make some repairs to my Alpinestars textile pants which I managed to touch against the hot exhaust of the Honda CBF600 whilst on tour in Germany. It only took a couple of seconds to melt the outer nylon and inner layer and lucky there is mesh inside […]

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Kawasaki Good Time World

I visited the Kawasaki world in Kobe Japan. It is not a large display however reading about the other things Kawasaki build was of great interest. For example I knew they made some of the trains operating in Tokyo however not also many other cities trains in Japan and Asia […]

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Europe Alps Tour

(Update 2016, photos enhanced and afterword added) After wanting to ride the Europe alps for a very long time but never being able to decide how or what I decided to go with tour and just completed the Edelweiss Ultimate Alps tour. It was nice fun and a relaxed way […]

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