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Motorcycle Paradise

Japan 2010 tour update

To follow on from my last post, I found a place that will rent me the new Honda CB1100. The motorcycle I would probably buy if I was in the market now. So I am very excited to now be able to ride this new machine. Click here to see a superb video about the making of the bike.

The shop is called Bike Rental 819 and is a chain that operates in a number of locations in Japan and appears to move bikes between shops to offer a very large range of motorcycles for hire. The nearest to where I will stay is in Kichijoji, very handy and not too difficult to get out of Tokyo from. Got to work out getting the bike the afternoon before so I can do the tour as planned so will shoot them an email about that.

Very excited about this and need now to update my GPS routes.


  1. So cool that you get to ride the CB1100 IC. That and the yamaha zjr 1300 would be me favourite retro muscle bikes, love them. Hope you have an awesome time. Cheers, Anthony

  2. oops...that would be Yamaha XJR1300...iPhone typing strikes again!!

  3. I find the CB900 Hornet (919) oddly appealing. But they don't make them anymore. Although there is a store in Lane cave reckons they have one brand new one left. Seeing as it hasn't been made since 07, they've been holding it for a while, it would seem.


  4. That used to happen a lot. I purchased an old stock MV Agusta that way and I recall my mates buying bikes a couple of years old at great saving as well.
    Honda do a CB1300 and Bold'or replica in Japan that look great but we do not get thus far. I guess be thankful we get as much as we do as the USA misses out on quite a lot of nakeds from all the makers.

  5. Hi, IC.
    I’m from Tokyo, Japanese, own BMW R1200R. Very surprised and excited to discover very detailed information about motorcycle touring in Japan by foreign person.
    I must say the success of your next touring in Japan is guaranteed.
    First, the choice of roads is perfect. By all the road you planed to go, you can enjoy very scenic view and exciting mountain-riding. One point about Izu-skyline. Its fare is maximum 200 yen until next spring.( Because of this, it’s getting more popular among motorcyclists in Kanto area recently. Unfortunately this caused surge of traffic accident by reckless riders. (If you can have recent Bike-Jin magazine, it describes this trend) So be very careful about such riders and policeman.
    Second, accommodation is good. I like Super Hotels. I sometimes use them in my business trip and I am always satisfied. They are cheap but their service and facility is good enough. Your finding out of rental 819 is also my surprise. It’s newly-growing up company and I was very surprised that you find it. Though I don’t have used reltal819, I hope this company (and CB1100) satisfies you.

    Have a good bike life!

  6. Hi TokyoGuy, thanks for checking out the blog and your advice. Izu Skyline sounds a lot like the local most popular road here, too many crazy riders, accidents and police. I will be riding week days which I hope will mean a safer and quieter ride. I have to check it out being so well known! regards IC.


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