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Held Score gloves review

I have been talking about getting new gloves for the tour and I finally got out on the bike on the weekend to test them.


The gloves I went for are made by Held and the model is called Score. I became aware of the company when I started looking for what gloves were getting the very best reviews. The guys over at WebBikeWorld are very demanding with gloves having tested so many and so when I noted the Held gloves are one of their favorites I figured that was pretty high praise.

Held is a German glove company dating back to 1923. I have not seen them in Australia and if here the dealers would want ridiculous amount for them so I ordered from the USA. The build quality is very high and superior to the two more famous Italian brands of which I have owned a few pairs.
The Score is a touring glove yet construction is technical like a race glove. I am not into quoting specs for things I review unlike most reviewers tend to do, you can read the factory line at the web site. What I will say is they perform superbly. Despite being a Gore-Tex waterproof glove they breath incredibly well. My hands were warm in the early morning over Mt Glorious with full wind protection and then when the day warmed up I was ready to change to light gloves however my hand were not hot nor did they sweat at all so I kept wearing them all day.

Now a (sub tropics) summer glove they are not however the inner has a special liner which wicks away moisture and kept my hands at a even temperature inside despite the varying temperature outside. And so to the all important comfort factor. I had read other reviewers rate these as the most comfortable gloves they had ever worn and I thought they will never beat my super soft deer skin gloves, but they come close. To put that into perspective these are a armored multi layered technical glove and the Chilhowee gloves are a simple single layer soft deer skin glove so case of oranges Vs apples which makes these a very comfortable indeed. 

They are not cheap gloves, in fact the most expensive I have ever purchased. Since I suffer from chaffing with gloves due to hand dermatitis I have no choice but to try for the best to keep me riding however you could spend nearly as much on more famous brand  gloves but only get 1/2 the glove these are.

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