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Motorcycle GPS case

Update: My original post was out of date so I have deleted most of it.

This case I have been using now for 4 years. It holds my Garmin 760 GPS and a battery pack that powers it for about 9 hours. It is a fantastic solution for motorcycle travel. Renting a motorcycle you can simply and quickly strap on your navigation, no wiring and be underway in no time. end of day recharge your battery pack and ready to go again. I have used this is rain and it is waterproof no issues. You can operate the GPS through the plastic no problems (but not a phone which is not pressure touch operation) I now have the revised model 4 of this case from same manufacturer and it is even better.

Some of original post below: 


This is a iPhone GPS solution for motorbikes developed by WikiMobi called SoEasyGPS. The system works like this, the case has a waterproof outer that you remove to access the main case itself. This has a waterproof zipper and two compartments inside the top is for your iPhone (GPS) and the lower is for a backup battery which feeds your iPhone thus eliminating the need to source power from the motorcycle.





  1. Hi Iron Chef,

    If you're going to be using the iPhone for motorcycle traveling, you might also want to check out an app I put together. It's called Greatest Road, and it's kind of like a Yelp or restaurant review site, but for motorcycle roads. It helps you find, rate and share really good roads, and works in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and about 50 other countries. It works over wi-fi or cellular, so you'll save any roaming fees if you can find wi-fi or an Internet cafe.

    There's more in the app store at .

    Good riding to you,

    Daniel Pifko
    Founder & CEO
    Greatest Road Software

  2. Sounds interesting Daniel, I will check it out.

  3. Hi Chef, I had a look at the SoEasyGPS site and cracked up at the "fringlish" on the english version of the site.(I think it's a direct translation from the french text) One of my favourites is the spiel for the headsets... "The performance of these headsets has not been easy so far, an optimal sound diffusion can hear the warning voice to high speed". You'd buy one on that recommendation alone... ;)

  4. Chef, I meant to ask on the last post: what sort of Garmin did you have and what sort of problems were you having with it. I ask because I've just bought the Zumo 660 as part of the kit I'm putting together for my soon to be purchased Tiger. (It's how I get my motorcycling fix while I repair from the prang). You've got me worried :(

  5. My garmin is the 760, basically same as yours without waterproof cover. (I put mine in panniers when encountering rain until it passed) My issue is more what I expect Vs what a GPS delivers. I wanted to draw routes in motowhere and then have the GPS guide me around those backroads. Transferring from online mapping sites to the garmin is overly difficult and the Mapsource software is not particularly good either. As people tell me a GPS is really designed for getting you A to B not exploration like say google map. The way I am going to use the SoeasyGPS is with offline maps primary as the gps in the phone still pinpoints you on those maps as you ride and then have gps software installed for overseas perhaps...

  6. Yeah I agree about the 660. It works fine getting you from A to B or on the off chance you get lost but it's no good for exploration or for setting up complex routes.

  7. I've had the Zumo 550 (earlier model of the 660) for 18 months and >20,000 miles and have to disagree (to some extent) with the previous commenter.

    I "explore" all the time - just leave it on "Display Map" and ride, always knowing I can get out easily if I get too lost (although that's half the fun sometimes)

    As for your ability to set up complex routes.. The Mac software (Roadtrip) has terrible performance unfortunately (although it does work), so uniquely I prefer the PC software (Mapsource). While a bit clunky (especially compared to GMaps), I have no problem planning as complex a route as you want. Then simply upload and follow. I'm just back last night from 11 days around Germany, Austria and Switzerland - mostly pre-planned before I left, but some days I planned the night before in the hotel directly onto the Zumo.

    Sure there are issues, but I wanted to restore a little balance :)

    @skitta, I wouldn't be too worried :)

  8. Rob, what did you use to plot your routes in Europe? I will have 5 free days after my trip and plan to strike out by myself but at this stage was going to take the iPhone with GPS software for Germany in it however I could just as easy get maps for the Garmin. I have my routes plotted in MotoWhere for Germany and the free day at the Dolomites but know not what then.

    Perhaps it's my lack of knowledge with how to best use the Garmin that has me at odds with it.

  9. Well Rob you stirred my interest in making the Garmin work for me and I found the makers of the Tyre software have expanded to support Garmin gps. This is the solution I have been looking for, basically what I thought would always be available, draw routes in google map and upload to gps. I might make a post about it for other people to know about it.

  10. Hey Chef
    When you say you can "obtain fully featured latest European GPS software for the iPhone on a monthly license for just $9.90" - which company is this from?

  11. Interesting you have asked as Garmin and TomTom both offer monthly access apps in iTunes overseas yet these and indeed some previously available free GPS apps I have on my phone are no longer listed in the Australian iTunes anymore.

    Clicking on TomTom Europe map in iTunes the top related sales item is listed as one month access for $6.49 but cannot find how you purchase it and all the Garmin and Mapquest apps are missing - maybe email them - possible we are removed from this now due to some retail ruling?

    I went back to using my Garmin GPS which fits in the same case and accepts custom routes and with a back up battery lasts all day and can be viewed easier.

  12. Long term update I have used this for a few tours and it works well. I use Ride with GPS for my mapping but there is many other options as anything that can make a track or route gpx file will be ok.


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