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A winters ride

Went for a ride today and at 8 degrees that is officially a winters morning so I got to test my new ride gear also, more of that in my next post.

I tried but I just can’t get interested in the Northern roads, riding the same old over and over seems mighty popular but I sure as hell don’t understand why people want to do that. I like variety.

I skipped my usual fuel and embarkation point of Mudgerraba Caltex. I have done so a bit lately and been wanting skip it for good for some time as it’s layout means there is no shade and so you end up baking in your warm gear in winter or slow grilling in the sun in summer. I used to go to the Shell on the Eastern side and if I ride Springbrook then think I may revert to there however 9 times out of 10 I am riding Currumbin valley south and Numinbah north as they flow better and are most scenic in this direction for me.

BTW, most of Springbrook corners, right up to Pine Crk rd have new hotmix, I think I forgot to mention last time.

So my new fuel point is Currumbin Independent which is much quieter so I mostly have the servo to myself rather than have cars queued impatiently for me to move my bike at Mudgerraba. Makes for a relaxing break while I figure out my route. Today I just had an ice coffee and jumped on bike with still no route in mind.


That's the thing I like about this area so much, you can ride and then take any way you feel like when the time comes, there is no set path or loop that everyone need ride.

So my choice then, approaching Murwillumbah I skipped Tumbulgum and the roads to the east, then I skipped North Arm or Tyalgum to the west, I also skipped Uki or Stokers siding and simply rode through Murwillumbah and then on down the Tweed Valley way. Beautiful car free ride all the way, gentle relaxed pace over Buringbah range letting the bike flow from corner to corner.


Byron Bay behind me.

I popped in to South Golden Beach for a look as never been there. I have not been missing anything is all I can say so far. I am sure there was a beach and ocean somewhere but all I saw was a housing estate. Rode on through Mullumbimbi and along the ridgeline overlooking Byron Bay. Evidence of the heavy rain all around with plenty of soil washed across the road in places. If you ride these less used roads then make a habit of riding in the wheel tracks of cars as they always sweep the road for you but the middle of the lane may have debris.


James Gibson Road, Clunes to Dunoon.


Nut trees, Dunoon Road, Tullera

I zigzagged around the back of Clunes and on to Dunoon. I then took the road straight in to the outskirts of Lismore and refueled at Bakers Corner. Then turning to start my way back I rode the main road on to Nimbin which unlike on my Easter tour was choke a block with cars as I seem to remember it usually is on a sundae, so my praise in the Easter post only pertains to riding it early enough to avoid the traffic.


Nimbin Road

A lot of motorbikes in NImbin but the place still doesn’t grab me. Ran into some guys weaving and braking frequently on the road north of Nimbin in the hills. Looked like they were stoned and probably thought they were doing 125 rather than the 25 they were actually travelling at. A twist of the wrist and I was past the caravan of cars with their synchronized brake lights and had a smooth run all the way back to Uki for lunch at a favorite of mine the Mt Warning Hotel.


The series of corners from Uki to the Tweed river bridge flow nicely and I cut through North Arm to the Numinbah Valley road. Riding this road from South to North I like the views of Springbrook as you climb to the border and then the sense of scale as you look right down the valley as you descend into Queensland. Nice ride today, and back home by 3.00pm for afternoon tea, livin’ large!


Todays route is here.


  1. Once again it ;ooks like it was a great day out....(even though i've just finished dinner, that lunch looks so good!!!)

    Photography is very cool today mate, the helmet+background shot is awesome, I absolutely love it!

    have a great week, can't wait for next weekend!!!



  2. Nice ride.

    Tell me is the Monetcollum > Dunoon Rd all tar ?

  3. Thanks Anthony, I got lucky with a couple of shots.

    Stu, Repentence creek rd is sealed all the way but has had some road works in spots recently due to the high rainfall of late.

  4. what type of nolan helmet is that?

  5. It's a Nolan N43 Air. A jet style helmet which have become popular of late with scooter riders in particular wearing similar. I do wish I could fit the external sun visor as well as the full visor.

    Tried an adventure style helmet other day with external peak sun visor and think the sun visor would work fantastic in our bright sun and cut a lot of the glare where the sun hits the upper visor. These style of helmets have a enlarged viewport much like the Jet helmets do.


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