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Motorcycle Paradise

European motorcycle tour

“ It’s the atmosphere of being on the journey, there is nothing like being on a trip and going to bed knowing you just have to get up in the morning and ride more” Ewan McGregor, Long Way Down.


I am going to tackle a ride I have wanted to do for a long time, albeit not as an adventure ride but exciting for me none the less. I am going to do my first European motorcycle tour.

I had originally planned to do this last year having started putting money away some time ago however I had my savings linked to share market performance and lost a third of it in 2008 GFC so it took me another year to be ready to go and have just secured the time off required later in the year.

Perhaps surprisingly I have chosen to go with an organised tour instead of solo. I did so mainly to gauge how everything works first up and for the comfort of having a support vehicle to carry my luggage. I actually prefer to ride by myself at my own pace as feel more of a sense of exploration so it was a tough call to make however my recent local riding trip cancellations due to medical problems related to my hands swayed me towards caution and not go solo first time.

Just on that note the unfortunate thing is if my hands continue to get slightly worse each year then I need to reconsider my forward thinking if I want to be able to ride some of the places I talked about a few posts back.


Anyway as the Americans like to say “I pulled the trigger” on The Ultimate Alps Tour with Edelwiess Bike Travel. A ride starting in Munich and as the name suggests takes you though some excellent roads in the Alps of Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. You can ride each day with the group or strike out by yourself and regroup later. There is a free day to ride the Italian Dolomites by myself which has long been a dream ride location for me. The distances each day are much less than I usually ride however that should be a good thing as I often ride far too each day here. The main problem they encountered on the Long Way Down was setting too ambitious a mileage target each day and I am guilty of the same as it looks so easy on the maps and too tempting to add some miles to end in a town of significance than pull up short (and have time to relax). Less miles also puts something in reserve at my disposal should the weather turn bad or my health not be 100%. 

There are so many tours of the European alps and I was interested in many including to try one of the Australian tour operators however I needed late as possible in the season which eliminated most. Edelwiess are one of the oldest motorcycle tour companies and this is sort of their signature tour so I think it should work out good.


So this is all set to happen in September which is racing up to meet me very fast so I have to get cracking on organising everything else needed.  Will keep you posted.