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Motorcycle Paradise

Book review

I have been reading ‘Motorcycle Journeys through the Alps and Beyond’ by John Hermann.


This book is pure motorcycle road riding porn. 400 pages of the most amazing riding roads in the world. Photos, maps, stories and local info and funny tips and memories, a collection from The KIng of the Alps John Hermann who has been riding these roads since the ‘70’s.


The intro says the book will make you want to go there right away and it was true, as if I already was not keen enough now I am pouring over the pages each day and dreaming about having the time and money to go and ride all these wonderful looking places. The distances are so small compared to riding in Australia. You can ride from Munich to the Italian dolomites via the Swiss alps in less km’s than I ride to get to the Oxley highway. Sigh.

To summarize this is a major work, a 40 year effort to be precise and it is a joy to read even if you were never to go, however after spending some time with this publication that would be unlikely.

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