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Overboot comparison.

Here in the tropics you really cannot wear waterproof boots in anything but winter, to do so otherwise will end up with feet as wet from perspiration as feet out in the rain. I have a new pair of overboots which I sourced from the UK via eBay for just 8 pounds.

These boot rain covers are made of a vinyl material with a thin sole made of a harder vinyl material which is also used on two patches on the boot upside where they may contact a gear shifter. The covers are quite difficult to get on due to the zipper openings being placed at the side which means you need to do a fair bit of pulling and stretching to get them on or off your boots. This isnt a size issue as they are very large and easy have room to fit larger boots once you have them on. I am a bit unsure about how long these might last before I bust the zip trying to get them over my boots.

Old on the left, new to the right.

My old overboots also came from eBay UK, overboots were (and still are) not easy to find here. These are actually cycling rain overshoes which are made of a neoprene material that is waterproof. By comparison these are on in a matter of seconds, you slip your boot in and pull the stretch material back and fasten it at the rear of your boot with velcro. These covers are semi open at the sole, there is a base section at the toe and elastic in the middle and the cover is held in a way that it shields the sides from rain but has your sole open. These would not suit a full size motorcycle boot but are fine for shorty boots and riding shoes they are perhaps slightly shorter than optimal and your rain pants obviously need to be long enough to reach to your boots.

Both fold up quite small. I think the new ones I would want for a extended day of rain riding where as the old ones have proved themselves in a storm or showers that I have been able to ride away from.

Update well the vinyl ones are rubbish to try use in real life. Trying to get them on side of road was not good and yes the broke soon after.

I purchased a third pair of overboots for just a couple of dollars from ebay. These are simple in design no sole just a vinyl tube style of cover with elastic that hooks over the toe and a strap under the boot. So just your basic rain over boot. These can be fitted in seconds but like the cycle rain boots they well allow a little bit of water to get to the area at the base of the boot were the leather joins the sole. Particularly when water splashes up from the road. After a couple of hours rain riding this part of your boot/shoe starts to get wet through. So both these and the cycle boot covers are good for a shower or riding after a storm has mostly passed or to get you to shelter but perhaps not for extended day of riding in rain. If you have some limited waterproof agent applied to your boots then perhaps can do extended rain riding with these. I did a 7 hour ride in rain with them over non waterproof boots and remained ok but the night before I applied a coat of shoe shine and I think this helped. They did get a little wet in the base by days end however pretty good result. Ultimately decent waterproof boots are the best bet. 


  1. If anyone in Oz is interested, I got some really good boot covers, German military surplus, VERY inexpensive ($US15, and shipping to Oz isn't really all that bad), very high quality, totally waterproof. A bit hard to get on but the front zipper helps. They don't fold up very small, but they're pretty unobtrusive when they're on. Haven't tried them in hot weather yet, i would expect them to pretty uncomfortable bt better than boots full of water.

  2. I got a pair of Rossi Vision 811 boots as a birthday gift from my father (a long time motorcyclist) a few years ago. These are waterproof boots and quite comfortable for all day wear. You can even walk around with them on all day and not look like a transformer.

    They don't have the rigid ankle of a race boot - but they're a hell of a lot safer than shorty boot.

    PS. Loving your blog.

  3. I need to look at some dedicated boots, will check those out.


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