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Motorcycle Paradise

Fine and Hot

Coolamon Scenic drive

I only meant to go for a small ride today however I got a bit carried away.

Finally a fine day that I can get out for a ride. Seems many other people were thinking the same thing. I saw it was already 31 degrees at 8.00 on the digital sign at Ormeau - it was going to be a real hot day. There were many bikes on the M1 north bound, probably to Mt Glorious as I headed south and there were numerous groups riding either side of the border ranges.

Burringbah Range

I was glad to get onto the roads less traveled and away from them all, don't get me wrong very happy to see more people enjoying the southern ranges but today I was wanting some 'time out' away from everyone just me and my bike and some nice curves to try clear my head.

Hills over looking Byron bay

By the time I left Burringbah the bikes thinned out and I quite enjoyed the ride over the rest of the Tweed Valley way then Coolamon Scenic drive and the roads in the hills behind Mullumbimby before stopping for a rest and plenty of fluids at Federal. Took a look about some back roads there at some property for sale (I'm dreamin') then rode up the hill and turned onto Repentance creek road.

Nice block of land

I wasnt sure where I was going at first and decided I might as well see what the pub at The Channon is like for lunch. The road work is finished and no gravel left, its a good bit of road out there now and I noticed a few bikes already aware of it. The pub forgot my lunch order (this seems to happen to me more often than most people) I was already forming a few choice words to write about my experience here however they refunded my money and shouted me a drink and then insisted I stay while they make me lunch free of charge! While I really needed to get rolling how could I refuse - so here's to the Channon Hotel.

Rolling hills near The Channon

I was then further pleasantly surprised to find premium fuel was available at the general store so I could refuel there and make it my turn around point for todays ride.

Route here.


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  2. IC,

    I plan to do this town on Sunday. Down Summerland, Kyogle and across. Am thinking a return trip through Dunoon to Repentence Crk rd. Is it the Dunoon rd you're saying is now been sealed all the way through?


  3. Hi Michael,

    Thats all sealed via Dunoon, Repentence creek road etc was finished long time back. I was referring to the roads from Dunoon over to The Channon and on to Nimbin via turntable creek - these are all sealed now.

    From Kyogle you have a few options, via Cawongla, Stoney Shute, then skirt Nimbin to Lismore and then to Dunoon (good ride) or cut across to Dunoon via The Channon, bit tricky finding that route if not familiar with area.

  4. I'll be going Kyogle rd, Stoney Shute, right at the T at the end (away from Nimbin) and Left onto Koonigan to get into The Channon. (Cutting across)

    Home, The Channon Rd, left onto Dunoon Rd and its name changes into Mullinbimbi. Then, depending on time, either the old Tweed Valley Way over the mountain into M'bah, Tumble Bum ;) then highway to Nerang - or - straight up the highway to refuel at Nerang. Before Riding back out through Canungra and Beaudesert.

    I'll save the Lions Rd, Lunch at Uki, back north on Numinbah (had friends that lived at Limpinwood), Advancetown, Beechmont, Cunungra route for another day.

    So far, the one I've got planned for the day will be over 470km. Nice!


  5. Did the run. Did a tad over 500km for the day - including riding to the starting/meeting point. Only one other came with me.

    We headed out of The Channon, through Dunoon and followed the Mullumbimiy signs. Then just before Fox rd where Dunoon Rd meets it, the road turned to hard-packed gravel. I wasn't expecting That.

    Chose the Mooball (old road) instead of the new highway.

    It was a long day. But the scenery. OMG. Volcanic plus or whatever they are near The Channon. The roads from Nimbin Rd - Koonorigin rd - all the way to The Channon and then through Mullimbimby and to the highway. Wow. So nice to look at.

    I'm doing this sucker again in May.

    Found out The Channon has Folk Music playing - well, locals just come and play music. If only we lived closer so could enjoy it and then still ride home in daylight.


  6. Hey Michael,

    This is the way I ride between Dunoon and Nimbin.

    Dunoon rd & repentence crk rd have been sealed for long time however there is always some road works in Byron shire, and in particular in those hill roads so you will strike some of that from time to time.

  7. This is a favourite route of mine:

  8. I did the Eltham run on Monday - the holiday just gone. met my ridding buddy at Nerang Maccas. Figured we'd go down the Numinbah, Tweed Valley Way after a fuel stop at the BP in Murwillumbah, then Mullinbimby, Federal, etc., to Eltham. Then back up the highway - get on at Bangalow and stop/refuel at Coomera BP.

    Da-yam that is one nice run. And the leg from under the highway to Eltham is a treat.

    One thing. Last time I rode the Numinbah it was 100kph. It's now an 80 zone all the way through. Didn't see any cops. But the reduced speed has taken some of the fun out of it. But the scenery makes up for it.



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