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Stoney Chute

Here is a top ride I have been enjoying for awhile that even a local didnt know about so I better make a mention of it.

Stoney Shute Road NSW

To or from Nimbin are a number of decent roads, the original road north to the Kyogle road has been under repair for so long that I don't bother with it - however once fixed it will be a good ride if you can strike it without much traffic. The road south has some nice curves also however these don't extend too far.

A road that is overlooked lies to the south just out of town and runs west to join with the Kyogle road. Stoney Chute road has a bit of everything, scenic rocky outcrops to view, a mix of curves and a small climb then changing to a almost new and perfect curvy road in the middle of nowhere before it joins the Kyogle road.

Take a look next time.

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