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The Channon

The Channon and Dunoon to Nimbin

Part 4 of my series of reports on the roads that lie north of Lisnore

There is a fair bit of road works underway in the far northern NSW which is great news for riders as some roads with unsealed sections are about to or have already been sealed.

A route that should be finished by the time you read this is Dunoon to Nimbin via The Channon. I wrote about this just recently and do not yet have a good selection of photos however I will do an initial post on it now and add more later.

From Repentence creek road head south and you have two options to get to The Channon. The first road aptly named The Channon Road I was unable to find on the eastern side, the western side is freshly sealed and I shall update this route more very soon. The second route is further south via Keerrong - which Google Maps show as not connecting with anything on the eastern side. This road is all sealed and you will come to a Y junction where you need to stay right.

The Channon is a tiny rural community which has a pub that looks appealing for a lunch stop, after here there is a terrific back road that runs over to an area called Turntable Creek. There is a road on to the top of Mt Nardi which is nothing particularly special but offers something different to do if you have never been up there and a respite from the heat of the western side of the ranges where Nimbin lies.

An easy ride down the hills will deliver you to Nimbin which depending on your point of view is a place you either like or not, I am the later and ride straight on to the excellent Stoney Chute road which you will find in another post.