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Motorcycle Paradise

Bylong Valley Way

This for me is one of the best rides in the country. It has amazing scenery including one of the best canyons in Australia. It is not closed in by trees like so many riding roads in Australia. Then it has a mixture of curves but mostly sweepers which again are a nice change from the usual tight technical roads. And also you can explore two wonderfully preserved 19th century towns with excellent food.
The route is from Lithgow to Denman NSW.
I don’t have many good photos, my Gopro SDcar filled up prior and I did not realise however this is from the official home page to give you an idea of how grand the views are.
And a few of my own photos.


  1. I can confirm for you that the road is in A1 condition - enjoy it!!

    1. Is the road sealed from Denman to Rylston via Byalong ?.
      regards Col

    2. Yes bylong valley way was sealed a couple years ago along with the tableland way

  2. Thanks Beaker, have to work out when I can reschedule my ride there. Will be third attempt!

  3. Did the ride last weekend. If you look at the extended trip from Sandy Hollow all the way to Goulburn via Sofala I think it beats the Snowy. The Sofala Road has been fixed up beatifully and the Oberon Goulburn ride is what it is all about, no towns, no trucks, no police.

  4. Sounds good guys, we are heading to Tassie at end of month from Tamworth and will go this way.
    Thinking of staying at pub at Taralga on Oberon - Goulburn road. anyone stayed there..??

  5. Guys,
    Great road as are many in the area. Short ride is Mudgee to Hargraves, little traffic and not much at the end but a local shop. Also mudgee to yarrabin, also nothing at the end but good to turn around and go back. Ilford to bathurst, Bathurst to Goulburn.... all nice for a weekend away. But get in fast, the coal mines are opening up soon so these raod will be choked with dual cab FWDs soon!

  6. All
    Rode this the other day, has been resurfaced .. it's perfect and the Rylestone Pub had $30 rooms.

  7. Finally got to ride the Bylong Way today and am disappointed to report that some sections have been chewed and potholed by trucks, and filled, but bumpy.
    I did a loop from Rylestone though Denman and then the Putty Road.
    The Putty certainly held my attention more, with it's great northern section of tight sweepers through the sandstone cliff country south of Bulga.
    A good day's ride anyway, but I thought the Bylong to be over rated, just enjoy the fabulous scenery and don't expect too much corner carving.


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