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Motorcycle Paradise

Sunday Ride Report

Full Summer outfit today, Alpinestars jeans, Dryrider Airflow mesh jacket, both have armor yet are very cool on hot days.

Less work, more life...

Work has been a bit overbearing of late. I swear some people seem to have no passion in them except for their jobs. I wonder if they will wake up at some point and realise life has passed them by.

I am only a noob at the whole corporate ladder world. I have spent most of my life until recently indulging in hobbies and pursuing passions. So whilst I have had remarkable success in new jobs of late I have dropped the ball as far as having time enjoy my personal interests. You can work so much that you don't have time to think about anything else.

With this in mind I said to hell with it and went for a ride. I decided to do a loop via Mt Lindsey, Summerland Way, Kyogle, Uki, Numinbah Valley, Advancetown. It was a very hot day, so I elected to go in that order so to be able to ride non stop back via the M1 rather than get stuck at lights if I had ridden the reverse order and come back via South West suburbs. This worked well going to as less traffic in morning so cleared the road works going on past Browns Plains with out slowing.

Remarkably fine day despite the early heat. So many motorbikes out, I recalled I saw many last time in the south west also so this area must now have become popular, once I could have ridden Mt Lindsey and been lucky to see one bike after passing the turn off to Boonah south of Beaudesert.

Took some tranquil time out near Grevilia at the stream that follows the Summerland way.

Corners near Wadesville - Woot!

Had a look at the shop at Wadeville which I have been going to turn down for some time, didnt look so inviting so I carried on. I also have wondered if the shop/cafe in Cawongla does much in the way of meals. In the end I rode on to the Uki pub where under a shady veranda I had a good bite to eat and some cold drinks while enjoying the outlook to Mt Warning.

Always nice stopping at the Uki pub.

Uki has a ever growing market day happening these days. I didn't look but wondered about the chances of making a living in some other form to what I do now. Numinbah flows pretty good from south to north, actually I think nearly all of today flowed well in the direction of travel. Uki to Murwillumbah is better southbound, I'm certain of that but the rest was sweet.

Numinbah valley

I managed to get some clean thoughts happening today. Motorcycle riding is a great way to refocus. One thing I was thinking of today is to maximise that 'defy gravity hang time' in corners it's best to be slower and smooth, no need to try and take any corner overly fast but rather try and make each corner last a little longer - that delivers more of the good stuff.



  1. Looks like it was a great day out the shot of the corners near Wadesville.

    I need to stop looking at your blog when i'm hungry. Your lunch at Uki looks very tasty!

    cheers, anthony.

  2. This is the good blog with good images and good details. Please keep on posting the more stuff. I will like to hear more from you.

  3. Uki pub lunch is pretty tasty Anthony, cold beer washes down well on a hot day too.


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