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Railway Excursion

Finally well enough to go for a ride. So excited I even woke up extra early!

Haha, and then back to bed to nap a bit longer

I had this idea for a ride to try trace more of the old Murwillumbah to Lismore railway line. It has not been used for years and the government is looking at the 'walking path' conversion option like has been done elsewhere (with little success or general use).

I more or less follow much of the line whenever I ride to Clunes via Mullumbimby. Stokers Siding station is a cafe I sometimes have a coffee at. Burringbah, Mooball, Billinudgel all regular places I visit and all once upon a time stations on the line. The line veers then to the coast and Byron Bay which I avoid at all costs before returning inland to Bangalow.

I really need to get a tripod, must be sick of pictures of my bike.
Or I could change bikes more often...

I rode today as per above following the line from Muwillumbah before taking the Coolamon Scenic drive over to Mullumbimby from Billinudgel. Continuing south on the Coolamon Scenic drive I went via Corabell then on a whim decided to try the Binna Burra Rd to get me over to the area of the same name which was a railway stop south of Bangalow. That road was not in good order so give it a miss.

The train doesn't stop here anymore

Tried to look about Bangalow but it was market weekend and there were way too many cars and people, the place was grid lock. Bangalow for me has joined Byron bay on my why bother list.
I did however have a great run over the Bangalow to Clunes road. It is a great bit of road for a motorcycle however now days always carries too many cars for you to get a decent run. Its not that you need to speed, the 100kph limit is fine, just the cars rarely get above 70/80kph which is enough of a difference to totally spoil the natural flow of the road.

A slower pace around here. I like it. Alot.

I stopped at the Clunes hall. There is public toilets, some shade and of you want to wash up before going to the Clunes cafe then keep this in mind. Today however I decided to look for another place for lunch. The cafe was a favourite of mine but it has slipped a bit recently. So I rode on to Eltham, which just happened to be yet another one time railway stop.

The old Eltham station used to be just left of my bike. Station cottage is still there.

Actually I had been meaning to try the Eltham pub for lunch for ages. I have been down the roads to and from it on many occasions when riding with my mate from nearby Alstonville. Well it was really an enjoyable stop, nice food, very friendly folk, a fantastic spot for lunch on a hot summers day with a refreshing ale.

If you were contemplating a ride down there but worried about the time frames then leaving Brisbane at 7.30am I was at Eltham at 11.00am (remember thats 12..00pm NSW daylight saving time) I stopped at a few places in route as the photos show plus fuel at Currumbin before riding via Currumbin valley.

Currumbin Valley - still a firm favourite no matter how many times I ride there.

On the return I went via the Repentance Creek road and the Tweed valley way to Mooball. From there I noticed a storm forming on the border ranges so cancelled my other route ideas and headed straight back over the Currumbin valley. (btw Mooball cafe/servo is reopening, I stopped in for fuel and talked to the new owner)

Alas I ran into a small rain storm on the way home and despite stopping when I returned to the road I rode right into it again by Nerang and got quickly wet through in a very heavy downpour. My camera and phone are now not working 100% however I hope they will be ok.


  1. Is that the new Nolan I see in one of those picture?


  2. Keenly spotted John, I will post my review shortly.



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