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Something different - ride report.

That's what a friend said when I asked where to ride today - something different. So I suggested we meet at Woodenbong and ride to Queen Mary Falls from the south.

Mt Barney

What happens when only communicating via online things easy get muddled and it ended up I was riding by myself today. I actually like riding solo these days as the ride happens at my pace however I was undecided where to go at first. I took my time over a coffee at Tamrookum roadhouse and was kindly asked if I would like to join a group of Ducati riders on their way to Kyogle. I considered riding down the Summerland way, it is a seriously good road however I wanted to do some photography so bid the Dukes farewell saying I might see them along the way.

Mt Lindsey and some of the best riding to be had - forget the crappy Lions Rd.

I went exploring some side roads on Mt Lindsey to try and find a good vantage point. More so for the slightly elusive Mt Barney than Mt Lindsey which is easy to photograph.

Tooloom Falls

After this I decided to skip going to Kyogle and return to my original plan so I rode on to Urbenville via Woodenbong. I stopped at the Tooloom falls for a look see. Be warned if you go there the unsealed entry road surface is very loose. It's not overly difficult to ride just the bike will feel like it is on marbles which people without dirt bike experience may find uncomfortable.

Tooloom Lookout. Northern NSW granite belt in the distance.

Riding on over Tooloom range the road surface is poor in many parts and bumpy so you really need to scan the road constantly to try find the line with less bumps and potholes. At Legume I decided to splash $5 of non premium fuel in the tank just in case my maths was a bit out on the distance from there to the next fuel.

Legume. One shop town.

There are 3 other waterfalls besides Queen Mary falls that I know of close by. Two of them are located on the southern side on the climb up to where the falls cafe is. I stopped but the photo's I took were rubbish so I won't post any for now and will return another time as well as visit nearby Killarney when next out there as well.

Classic albeit short climb southern side of falls.

Food at the falls cafe is ok, more or less your basic takeaway fare but the location and cozy atmosphere make it a reasonable stop. I must go to the cafe at Carrs Lookout next time - I forgot about it today, it looks nice and has superb views.

Frost has hit hard, normally emerald green high pastures

I decided to ride the back way into Moogerah dam and cut across to Aratula for a Di-bella coffee at the bakery. The road I took was unsealed but smoother than some of the tar from Woodenbong to Legume and I could easy maintain a good pace and take in some excellent views of the Scenic Rim to the west.

The Scenic rim - its well ... scenic!

Not so fortunate at the bakery - here is my coffee update for this ride. Aratula bakery used to serve a good coffee however today I was presented a cheap bright green over sized cup with espresso I could hardly taste for all the milk.

Oh well, apart from that the day was great. My winter clothing layer combo once again proved itself effective however I felt the cold a bit on my lower legs due to short/thin socks I was wearing to fit better into those new boots. I have a fine pair of long/thick special winter socks which I purchased especially for riding on days like today and I think I might be forced to put the new boots aside.


  1. Consider Kalbar for a coffee stop ic - lovely quiet town with a well regarded cafe and even the Kalbar Hotel has been much improved with new management.



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