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Motorcycle Paradise

Southern Escapade

A cool and clear morning when I woke today, I headed south to ride some of my favourite roads with my friend and ride partner from Alstonville NSW.

I think I have finally managed to get a clothing combo that keeps my upper body warm. Today I was using a close fitting base layer technical thermal shirt from Lowe with a plain cotton t-shirt both tucked into my BMW city pants. Over this was a windproof micro fleece vest from Mountain Design and my Alpinestars lined leather jacket. I also had my trusty Buff neck scarf but really didn't need it as the vest could be zipped up to just under my chin. It is also long and has elastic draw strings in the bottom to ensure it is snug to keep wind out.

Numinbah valley

I had a bit of an off day behind the lense to begin with. Stopped a couple of times in Numinbah valley as I wanted to do some photography but alas today I failed to frame my photos well or capture how spectacular the rocky cliffs on either side appear as you ride through.


I saw a group of riders from Brisbane Bikers forum go by at one stop, I had considered joining that ride since I was going to be in the same area however I prefer to do my own thing at a relaxed pace now days which encourages me to stop and take out my camera as I wish.

On to Uki then over to Stokers Siding to have a rest and a coffee/chat. Funny moment - riding over Burringbah I saw a rider come up beside us on a new sports bike, all of which look the same to me currently - we are in the dual lane uphill section and all 3 bikes enter the corner and this rider is now hanging off knee down in front and I glance to the speedo thinking surely we are not going fast. Its showing under 100kph and I had a small laugh in my helmet. Here we were riding steady along and in the next lane it's MotoGP in slow motion :-) . No disrespect intended to the rider, just me showing my age. The things that once seemed 'cool' sure start to look funny.

A few of the motorbikes bunched up going down the range at no more than 60k for some unknown reason so we slipped by and continued merrily on our way. After a stop at some road works on the Tweed Valley Way we saw a huge snake leaving Billinudgel lying across the old Tunnel road. Then a more or less car free ride on to Mullumbimby for fuel and then via Repentance Creek road and the back road into Clunes cafe for lunch.

Eureka. No fuel has been pumped here in a long time.

On the return after Eureka and Federal I went via Coorabell - these are all fun roads that wind their way through the many Macadamia nut plantations in the area south from Mullumbimby. I have mentioned it before but I named this blog after this area as you can more or less take any road and enjoy wonderful riding through scenic patchwork rolling hills.

I zig-zagged back via the various back roads which service the farms that the new highway cut through before returning over Currumbin range - always a great ride to end a day with.


  1. Sounds like a great ride. Love the photo of Mount Warning! I grew up in Murwillumbah, so it was something I saw each day. I always enjoyed the roads around that area, and up over to Currumbin etc they are just awesome. Always a pleasure to ride on those roads. Love your blog, well done.

  2. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  3. Thanks Anthony - beautiful part of the country to grow up in - I'd move there if I could!

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