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New Gloves

I have been using these new gloves from Chilhowee.

After my recent experiences I started to seek a new pair of gloves. These may look simple however are anything but. Made from Deer skin and with a cotton lining they are incredibly comfortable, like no other glove I have ever worn.

The makers say Deer skin is more abrasion resistant than cow hide and also can be washed unlike leather gloves. The washing now and again is a probably a good idea in these days of pandemics however I would buy these again just for how they feel. They delivered a new level of comfort on that 800km ride I did recently.

They will be too warm to wear in our summer however now that I have experienced Deer skin I am going to look at the rest of the gloves on offer.

I think this is the turning point for me with how I shop for motorcycle rider apparel, I really need to take in to account my special needs for ultra comfortable gloves that do not irritate my skin - harder to get right than I realised.

These gloves cost me $29.95 US (+ shipping) and are really great values regardless of the exchange rate. Good service, good communication. For more info have a look at Chilhowee Motorcycle Leather

Despite some home renovation work I need to work on if we get a fine Winters day this weekend I am going to head out for a ride. I think the Tweed Valley might still be recovering from the recent floods so I may take another ride around the south west area and try capture some of the mountain views in the early morning. Should be clear air if this rain stops.

On my last trip south of Beaudesert I saw the skid marks where a Motorcycle Paradise reader was nearly wiped out by a drunk in a car. Keep alert and stay safe this long weekend. Regards IC.

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  1. It's not just the long weekend we need to keep alert & safe... it's every time we're on the road.

    Friday afternoon. Heading back into the city from Pinkenba along Kingsford Smith Dv. Just after it goes from one lane to two near Sugarmill Rd a Yellow Honda CB400 goes whizzing by us (we're in the work truck). He gets to the traffic lights in front and does the old lane splitting thing and is off.

    I watch him as he rides further away doing a bit more lane splitting. And doing it as the traffic is picking up speed. He's doing a bit of zipping in and out and we lose sight of him in the distance and view obstructed by other trucks.

    Just after the Gateway there is a servo on the left. A dumpy truck is pulled over on the left side ride. Another is blocking traffic from turning right into that road and another truck is facing as if to come out of the side road. But he cannot move because there is a Yellow CB400 laying under his bullbar! Yes, the same one that went past us mere minutes before.

    One of the truck drivers is talking on a mobile phone. He's quite distraught. He's walking between the front of the truck looking at the bike and to the truck on the left of the side road. We cannot see the rider - under the truck is clear apart from the bike. But there is a guy standing on the servo side of the ride dragging Deeply on a cigarette - another truckie or a very lucky rider we do not know.

    Previously on that stretch of road, we have had riders ride on the left of us as we drive in the left lane and go past the intersection where gateway traffic heading south doubles back onto KS Dve - ride between us in a Wide truck and the traffic trying to merge into our lane!

    Ride safe folks.



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