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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads - Bunya Mountain

I didn't think today's ride would be such a big one - however that's what it turned out to be when I decided to ride to a new destination.

I left a little late at 8.00am after not being able to decide what to wear for this mornings chilly temperature. The textile jacket with it's zip in quilt liner and zip in nylon water and wind liner you would think would work better than my quilt lined leather jacket however despite bulked up to look like the Michelin man I was still cold at more than one stage last two outings. I decided then to go with the leather and use some technical layers underneath namely a coolmax moisture wicking base layer shirt and a additional base layer windblocker type shirt. Both are close to body snug fitting long sleeve shirts which given I have put on a few kilo's since last winter were almost too snug. I still felt some cold drafts and really need a full winter jacket.

Riding North is not something I do often these days which is a shame of sorts as everything is quite close to me from the CBD. I was going to ride out via Mt Glorious but the thought of the wannabe racers and overzealous police ruled that out so despite not really liking Mt Mee either these days it won.

Clear Mountain

I didn't fuel up leaving town and thought I would do so at Dayboro or D'agular however I made it to Kilcoy as my first stop which surprised me, but its really not that far away. I guess that's why the sports bike riders like the North so much as I know when I used to ride sportsbikes I had a much smaller range before comfort and fatigue became a issue.

The Kilcoy bakery forgot my coffee order then gave me incorrect order - I am going to start a series on my misadventures in coffee, this is two for two. I rode on to Blackbutt and visited where my parents had a property at one time and then on to Yarraman and took a look over the old railway station and had an early lunch at the Timbertown Cafe. The food was average and the coffee was poor however I was glad I did eat then and there as it was a long ride over the Bunya Mountain.

Four warning signs - but they are not kidding it's steep.

Riding South from Yarraman on the start of the New England then west to Maidenwell to the start of one of the ways to climb the mountain. This road has about 3 km still unsealed, it was very good surface and easy to ride. After the dirt there is a near new road surface which has some nice sweepers before it climbs very steeply up the side of the mountain where you should stop to see the amazing view to the North before proceeding.

Looking North

Looking South

The road up top is narrow in places before widening for a section along the ridge before becoming very narrow at the western descent - its so narrow dark and twisty that it is not very good to ride and try to share with cars. The road is heavily shrouded by trees making it seem like semi darkness with a tinted visor. I returned down the south eastern descent which is quite good. Some tight corners and switchbacks but the surface is wide enough not to be dangerous and visibility is ok. At the bottom you have a section of newish road with a number of sweepers that reminded me of lower northbrook parkway.

Southern descent
Then it was a long zigzag back to Crows Nest to find there was no fuel and I was on reserve so I had to go via Hampton rather than Lake Perseverance back to Esk and last of all over Mt Glorious and Mt Nebo to finally get home by 5.15pm.

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  1. This (the cafe at the top of Bunya Mountains) is one route I've got planned for a little later in the year. But instead of coming from the Northern side, it'll be... Esk, Perserverence, left arund 5 clicks before Cooyar, tank up at Maclagen, right before The Bun and up the mountain. Home will be reverse of this but maybe a top up at Esk on the way back.

    I think from Blacksoil back to Blacksoil is around 400 clicks.



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