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Hands on - Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS

I have been using the Nuvi 760 for awhile now and it is a very easy to use item for touring.

Personally traveling the Australian countryside I can get by fine without GPS navigation however I have found it comes in handy when zig zagging on back roads that are not always clearly signposted. In towns I liked having the unit show me turns in advance as some of the signage can be difficult to read. Lastly the ETA to destination lets me plan how long I would stop at sights along the way so to still arrive before sunset. This feature is a bit hit and miss and I find you need to add at least 30 minutes to the ETA provided by the 760 on country road journeys but in the city it is more accurate.

Depite not being a motorcycle specific model the touch screen is easy to operate even with gloves. There is many waterproof cases for GPS's on bikes or you can put in the map window of your tank bag so there is no need to have to buy a Zumo motorcycle unit at 3 times the price

Of course this is navigating using the screen only not voice prompts - I only ride with ear plugs and if you still ride with out plugs then realise the wind noise inside all helmets at highway speeds will cause permanent hearing damage without hearing protection. It is possible to pair a bluetooth speaker inside a helmet or have a cord speaker plugged in but I cannot think of a situation where I would need verbal as well as visual guidance to turn left or right but each to their own.

The battery life is claimed to be 5 to 8 hours but in fact it is 45 minutes to 1 hour maximum. You can power the device from you bike or use a rechargeable external battery pack. I prefer the battery pack, I got one from ebay cheap and using a two wire power only usb cable simply plug the pack into the 760 and easy run it all day. This system means I can use the device on rental bikes very simply but if just on my own bike then yes very easy to use the mount provided and hey you can just put a plastic zip lock bag over the unit in rain if you want to not have it in a case.

I will update my experiences more later in the blog. Using this with user defined routes is the main reason I got the device for overseas travel and that process I will talk about in depth in a later post.