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Buell Muster '09 Australian Tour Preview

I have after some consideration completely revised my tour route for the Buell Muster.

Previously I had myself leaving on Easter Monday to allow enough days to travel in a counter clockwise loop into Victoria and back up to Jindabyne prior to the weekend of the muster. Three things stood out as potential problems with this plan.

1. Riding on Easter Monday.
2. Trying to ride the bigger portion of my tour prior to the muster weekend doesn't allow any flexibility or much chance to arrive without being tired.
3. Doing the longer K's afterwards places me better should I need a new rear tyre before home - which is highly likely - and may mean a detour to somewhere close to Sydney to try find a tyre.

So here then is my new plan. (click links to view route map of each day)

Day 1. Brisbane to Gloucester - A big first day but that's the one I find easiest to do the extra on when you are leaving home your fresh and early on roads you know. I am looking forward to riding the section from Grafton to Glenn Innes and of course Thunderbolts way.

Day 2. Gloucester to Goulburn - but not via how you might think. I am going to try some less travelled roads riding Denman to Bylong and then down to Lithgow followed by the Tablelands Way Oberon to Taralga. Both of these routes are only recently finished their slow transition from gravel to tar.

Day 3. Goulburn to Jindabyne - the scenic route. Travelling down King mountain to the Princess h-way then from Bermagui to Tathra, and then via what I am told are some sublime motorcycle roads to climb from the sea to the high country.

Day 4. Buell Muster organised ride - a loop around the Snowy Mountains.

Day 5. Jindabyne to Omeo - via Delegate. Will be a late start so a shorter ride today but one with no shortage of corners. First off I am looking forward to the much talked about road from Bombola to Orbost followed by the ride up to Omeo which is so good even the rain I experienced last time could not dampen the experience.

Day 6. Omeo to Tumbarumba - the long way up. I am really taking an interesting route today. First I plan to ride up to Dinner Plain and perhaps have a coffee then ride back to Omeo. For me this is the best part of the Great Alpine Road, over Hotham and the northern side the view might be great but the surface doesn't match. So I plan to ride to Falls Creek via Anglers Rest. I am told the road is being sealed and mostly finished - bit of a gamble so hope this works. Then I can enjoy Falls Creek to Mt Beauty (rated no.2 in the area) then Tawonga Pass and into Bright. After this I am going to ride up Mt Buffalo (rated no.1 MC road in area). After all that I still have the superb Granya road and Murray River road to enjoy - a HUGE good riding day so I hope that one is fine!

Day 7. Tumbarumba to Lithgow - by back roads. This should be a very relaxing and enjoyable ride day. I am using nearly all back roads to get to today's destination which I have been recommended or otherwises gathered from various sources. Some unsealed road to ride over out of Tumut but I am told it is maintained and so it should present no problems.

Day 8. Lithgow to Kempsey - if all goes well. By now I may be in need of a new rear tyre. I say may as I have no idea at this stage how long the tyres that came on the Buell will run as I have never used them before. They are referred to as sports tyres yet also have a dual or tri compound which is a not associated with a full sport tyre. Reports on mileage vary wildly which leaves me with no idea of how they will perform wear wise. I may have to head for Sydney to find a tyre if not I shall head up Putty road and over the Bucketts way.

Day 9. Kempsey to Brisbane -via some favorites. You will notice I skipped the Oxley h-way. Great road but ridden it a few times already so it can keep for another day as would push the mileage too high. Waterfall way and Nymboida are two of today's highlights then find my way home via familiar roads.

I also cut out the side trip to Mansfield from Bright as I could not make it work this particular trip not wanting to add another day just for this smallish section.

I'm will not be riding before the trip to conserve the tyres however I have plenty to keep me busy with the planning and organising. Some more new riding gear that I recently ordered from the USA has arrived.

These boots are shorty style like my plain Rivers boots I have been wearing however with substantially more protection. They are a bit stiff on which is part of the design I think so I hope they will stretch and loosen up a little bit.

I also have upgraded my gloves as part of a current program to upgrade the protection of all my riding apparel. Displayed here is my new set of summer gloves as well as a pair of new light weight winter gloves which are also 100% waterproof. Amazing none of these three items from a major manufacturer is or has been available in any of the Brisbane MC shops which continue to serve up a next to zero range of rider apparel.

The thing I like about these gloves is the design to fit inside your jacket - the end is a stretch material. This and the fact that they are not thick and bulky means you could change over to summer gloves mid morning (as is needed here in the sub tropics) and store these away quite easy.

I shall report on the performance of all three items post tour.


  1. Hey Chef,

    We went BNE to Gloucester at Christmas.

    I would take the waterfall way from Casino to Armidale via Ebor, the bit through the Hanani (not sure of spelling) state forest is a cracker of a road. Lunch at Fusspots at Ebor - great Coffee and food, then over to Armidale.

    Just an idea...

    Cheers, Mike

  2. Hi mate,
    Ozzy here from BB... could you please tell me that type of Alpinestar shorty boots are they, and where could I get myself a pair just like them??


  3. Hi Ozzy,

    Those are the SM-X model, they also make some other variations. is a great source of info, take a look at the range there however as much as I like their service they use only the more expensive express postage international.

    I suggest checking Ebay for a better shipping deal, Rider-Superstore is a Ebay seller I have used more than once now but as always pays to shop all the sellers on ebay and the other major USA online retailers to source the best deal.

  4. Hi Mike,

    I am going to return via Waterfall way and Ebor then on to Grafton. Having ridden south that way and north via the Gwydir range I wanted to ride both in opposite direction this time.(I am making the theme of this tour to try mix the routes as much as possible from previous)
    I will look out for Fusspots at Ebor - thanks for the tip!

  5. Ok I had no luck finding the boots... are they some older model, cose no one seem to sell them?? Do you maybe have a link with the website selling them??


  6. Try these for a starting point Ozzy.

  7. While chatting with an Assistant in an Ipswich MC Store, she said she rode around NZ with a pair of Dirtbike gloves, under which she wore a pair of Glove Inners she bought from Bunnings.

    Hmmm. Off I go to Bunnings and buy a pair of Thin Woolies - two pair for 3 bucks - and tried them on. Yep. I can fit my Summer gloves over the top of them. So I folded a pair up nice and tight and put them in a small ClipLock baggie to reside in my Seat Bag or Tote Bag.

    Have tried em, once. But it's not yet cold enough to give a proper test. And they seemed fine.

    Could be something worth taking. And keep your hands warm off the bike too :o)


  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. I think your right with the lining idea. The new gloves I have with a cotton liner are great and I read that silk liners are used in the mountains to make gloves warmer as the climb.


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