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Ride Report - back on the road at long last!

Well I never thought I would be off the road for this long. Been quite some time since my last ride report.

What a beaut day for a ride - after the gloomy weather forecast of showers and heat it turned out to be a fine and mild morning with just some heat mid afternoon on the way home.

I wasn't ready tackle the ride I want to do to Tenterfield - after all just 70km on the new bike so best I visit some familiar places before I try do that 700km outing. Besides what has caused me so much grief recently - my hand dermatitis - is still somewhat discomfortable (they were quite sore by days end)

So my favorite the Tweed Valley beckoned me. Have a look at todays route here.

Small stretch and check over the bike just across the border before the descent.

This is the welcoming view every trip I make to this region.

I went south to Burleigh where I refueled then over Currumbin range and stopped at the chemist in Murwillumbah to buy some ear plugs after leaving mine behind. Then I went south to Uki and then to Billinudgel via Stokers Siding, Burrinbah and Mooball. I then rode over to Clunes for and early lunch via Mullumbimby and Federal.

I think I am going to seek out some new places to eat. The cafe at Clunes has slipped a bit along with my other regular stop the Spinx cafe at Kunghur.

After lunch I returned to Mooball via Rosebank and Mullumbimby. I tried for fuel at Mullumbimby but they had no Premium so I rode on and expected to hit reserve but had 185 km on trip meter by Mooball and still on main tank - which only holds 11.5 litres so that is very good economy on a very tight new motor under 500km old. Before I installed the mid pipe (cat removed) on the MV Agusta I was hard pushed to get that from its full 19 litres.

Moo Moo Cafe is unfortunately closing March 2009

Looking across the valley to where I took the other photo above.

These guys are missing everything

After fuel and a comfort stop at Mooball where the public toilet plays music (check it out next time) I rode over the back roads that criss cross the highway north to Tumbulgum via Cudgera Creek and Farrants Hill. I decided to stop for an early afternoon tea and watch the ski boats for awhile on the Tweed river before riding back to Mudgerraba caltex via Currumbin range again - which I prefer over Numimbah.

Ah, the good life!

It was quite warm on the way home with the heat reflected off the barren M1. However its not that long and when the speed limit is 110km you not only cover the ground quickly but with good constant air flow so I could feel the heat but then had a wind cooling factor to make it bearable. It wasn't until I got to the city I had to slow for the last couple of Km. I still don't know why people say they would rather ride north because of the trip on the M1. In summer having to slow and stop at lights makes the return from the north hot and laborious in comparison.

The Buell performed perfectly. I had forgotten how good these motorcycles handle. It doesn't just handle better than the MV Agusta, it is in another league as far as handling goes. It's always so composed and precise over any surface yet still gives you a compliant ride. There is no uncertainty entering corners and it's just so planted and confidence inspiring. And all I had to do was set the suspension to the settings provided by Buell per my weight.I spent alot of money at a professional suspension shop on the MV and despite my delusion at the time didn't come close to the same result.

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