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Cortech HRX jacket review part two. Ride report.

It was a very hot day today - perfect chance to put the Cortech HRX to test.

It is very heavy for a summer jacket but comfortable once on and has a solid feel to it. Cooling ability is ok however not as much as a full mesh lightweight jacket.

The cuffs work great - what I meant to say in my last post is they are hemmed like a regular jacket so stay in place when riding. Zips also good enough pockets.

The white got dirty very quickly. I think this is going to be more of a problem than I first thought however will see how it goes. Also while it no doubt is more visible it still didn't stop some idiot from nearly sideswiping me on the return home today over the Burringbah range when he -like so many lazy car drivers - could not manage to keep his car in his own lane.

Have to wait and see how it goes long term but so far ok.

Update: Well I used this jacket for a couple of summers but it really does not flow enough air and being heavy does not help you stay cool either. I tried to use it for one ride in winter with both the rain and warm quilt liners fitted and it failed miserably to keep me warm and the two layers once inserted are too bulky. It sat awhile and eventually I gave it away as I knew I was never going to wear it again. So what seemed like a good idea in real life just never worked out.

And so to today's ride. Brisbane to Clunes via back roads with lots of corners. After Currumbin riding first via the Farrants hill and coastal area stopped into Pottsville for a coffee and a look around - that place is really going ahead fast now - a look later at Ocean Shores (which I had never been to) then zig zag over Coolamon Scenic drive to Mullumbimby and Repentence creek road and on a bit more to Clunes for a late lunch.

On the return took a look at Minyon Creek Falls, a place I had not been to for about 20 years. Very dry and dusty, the bike was covered in dust despite the short 1km of dirt on the northern entry road. Not much flow in the falls at present despite some good rains this year.

The route is here.

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