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Motorcycle Paradise

Buell Muster '08

I went along to this years Buell Muster on Saturday.

The once a year ride and meet of Buell owners and enthusiasts of the brand was held this year in the Northern Rivers area of NSW with the attendees staying in Tyalgum - right smack in the middle of the area I like to call motorcycle paradise.

I have not owned a Buell for 18 months but have remained a fan of the XB series and thought more than once about getting another at various times.

So it was I set out early on Saturday to meet up with the Muster folk and go on the ride, in fact I was going to assist with some of the route given my knowledge of the area.

However it nearly all went bad. It was a surprisingly cool morning so after I left home I realised I was going to be too cold with just my Cortech HRX jacket (minus liner) so I returned home and quickly grabbed the wind blocker jersey thinking it would be enough until the just on daybreak morning cool evaporated and not wanting to lose alot of time fitting the jacket liners for the first time. Well it was perhaps just a odd day as the temperature dropped even more as I left the CBD and then more the further south I rode. By the time I was at the coast I was cursing not having brought my full winter jacket and at my limit of tolerance so I refueled and stayed awhile over a hot coffee near the Tweed.

Heading off to Murwillumbah I was mindful I had lost a bit of time so turning into the road to Tyalgum I thought I might be a bit late when rounding a corner I had a freight train of Buells thunder past me in the opposite direction and then I realised oh crap its Daylight Saving in NSW- I was actually over 1 hour late!

Fortunately however I arrived at that point in time and not later so I could simply turn about and join the ride. A great display of machinery with riders from as far as Adelaide, Alice Springs, Melbourne and Sydney to mention a few. Here is a few photos from the ride, I will add some more soon.

Speaking of which there is a new Buell forum that you should be aware of I wont go into the politics of it all however that's the place to read about this years Muster.

I had a great time meeting everyone at the Muster who made me feel very welcome despite not riding a Buell these days and I hope everyone had a good time.

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