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Winters over - Spring ride report

So much for winter - 2 months and we are back to warm days.

I ordered a winter riders jersey from the UK but I will have to wait 12 months to test it if Sunday is anything to go by, beautiful warm spring day. I had to go for a ride.

I headed off south with no firm plan other that to look about more in the area around Mullumbimby. I started by riding up Mt Springbrook then through the Numinbah valley where it was a bit cloudy before turning towards Tyalgum as the sun returned for a clear view of the volcano rim.

Tyalgum pub, there will be ALOT of Buells here for the annual ride this year.

I decided on a whim to see how bad the unsealed section of the road from Tyalgum to Uki was. Actually its quite poor surface in places so despite being no more than 8km of gravel I would not recommend it to inexperienced riders. Pity as it is very scenic and the sealed surface either side is alot of fun.

Southern side of Tyalgum presents this odd shape in the rim

A small gorge lies on the eastern side of the road to Uki

I went first south then I cut across east. I was going to ride via Nimbin however the road on the western side is under much needed repair so I went a little further south on the road to Kyogle then took the nice curvy Stoney Shute road to bring me out just east of the town itself. The road then from here into Lismore is in excellent condition with many new sections with lots of nice sweepers.

Interesting rocks near Nimbin

It was almost lunch time so I zig zagged north east to the Clunes cafe - which I will again recommend for lunch if in the area - quality food and coffee reasonably priced.
After this rest I continued north to Mullumbimby via Federal and on to Billinudel on a few secret local riding roads. I have not yet been able to capture the feel of the area in photos. The rolling hills that flow up from Byron bay with row upon row of deep green macadamia nut trees is quite a special area.

Nice little road this one - take a look if passing

Finally I finished up with a late afternoon coffee and rest Murwillumbah before heading home via the always enjoyable Currumbin range. About 500km all told, quite a big day out but most rewarding. I think south of Murwillumbah thir ride might flow better in the opposite direction of travel - but variety is the spice of life.

Full route can be seen here.


  1. We did that same gravel road a week earlier - Byrrill Creek Road. I didn't mind the ride along it, although the short sections of bitumen encountered along the way gave a false sense of security!!

    That Stony Chute Road looks like a fun ride - will have to try that one.

  2. interesting article, i never knew about this until now

  3. The Tyalgum-Uki road would be magic if sealed all the way.

    I don't mind some gravel - I used to ride dirt bikes so it doesn't bother me if the bike is moving about but I realise many riders would be uncomfortable with that sensation hence the warning.

  4. hi.learned to ride on stoney chute road,and channon to tuntable falls road in the last couple of years.great rides plenty of corners.try lismore to tuntable falls via channon road you'll see the falls on right as u near the top of the ridge then left turn to mtnardi,nightcap national park,amazing rainforest and views all sealed roads bit slippery at top when riding

  5. I will have a look for the falls, went through there some time ago but about ready for another look soon.


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