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Motorcycle Paradise

Japan Motorcycle ride post archive

Japan Motorcycle post archive

(Update 2014 - most everything in here is out of date being 6 years old and my first ride in Japan. There is now an excellent rental service available (albeit expensive) and english GPS maps as well. Try some of my newer posts for more information) 

I am going to make a sticky link of this post in the archive so people can find the Japan ride reports easy on one page.

Japan Ride Report

Pre Ride post 3

Pre Ride post 2

Pre Ride post 1

In other news I have altered a few things on the main page to hopefully make it present a little better and quicker although that is difficult due to all the photos. Anyhow the removal of a few items has made a small difference. Cheers.


  1. Thanks for your blog. I just got my bike license 2 months ago and really enjoy riding in the summer nights around tokyo but was looking for a guide for 1 or 2 days trips around tokyo and your guide was fun and interesting to read. Hope I can ride all the roads you are talking about in your blog. Regards, Fayce

    1. Ah I see you have found an old part of my blog from year 2008. Since I wrote these stories I have come to live in Japan. I have posted my recent riding here in the last year. Mostly around Nagoya where I first was living and where it is easy to access nice countryside. Living in Tokyo means getting to good roads that are not crowded is always an over night ride and that is never as easy as a day ride however I need to make more effort!

  2. Hi,

    Wow you make me dream ! .... I have a question, the small picture of the road, is it Venus line, Nagano ? ... cannot find it on Google map

    1. Yes it is. There is three parts to the Venus line, the lower, mid and lastly the upper - where this photo was taken which on maps lies beyond the Venus line shown on google and is in an area called the Utsukushigahara highland.


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