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Motorcycle Paradise

Japan Motorcycle tour reloaded #3

(This post is out of date, please go to the blogs main page and read the more recent information about Japan)

Raining here this holiday long weekend so no riding again.

I have been working on my ride plans for Japan and want to share some sites that may be of some assistance to anyone else thinking of doing a ride in Japan...

I can find two motorcycle forums in Japan run by and for the English speaking riders.

Tokyo Riders which I have no longer kept a link to is in the Yahoo forums and is difficult to navigate or search being on the antiquated yahoo message system.

Gaijin Riders is an excellent source of information.

I have deleted much of this post as it was inaccurate due to age. Please visit my newer posts for information about where to rent motorcycle, affordable hotels and food.


Rider Lodge in the mountains where I will stay. Also has the owners motorcycle rides blog with suggested routes listed on the hotel site. (in Japanese only so try using translation via Google or Excite)