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Motorcycle Paradise

Far West ride report.

I decided to try another ride west today. I had briefly considered north however with the exception of a couple of sections mostly find the northern roads uninspiring so west it was.

I had no plan to begin with, just wanted to turn some wheels and try take my mind off work and the selfish people that have been zapping my spirit of late. And so with a small spark of an idea that winter will soon turn places inland brown I set off towards Boonah.

Well the grass is already dead and pale brown and the temperature was quite cool so the rolling green hills have gone until we see some more good rains out there again. I steered off before Boonah to stop at Harrisville for a look however besides this nice pub not as historical as I imagined so I rode on to Aratula for fuel which was $1.50 a litre for premium (95). I paid that rate again at Esk and $1.48 in between at Gatton. Three refuels then took best part of $60 which really took me by surprise. I did a ride like today about 2 1/2 years ago on the Buell and filled three times at around $10 each so nearly double now due to price and more being used.

I stopped at the Aratula bakery - a firm favourite of mine now and I noted unlike the petrol their prices have hardly altered. I decided over coffee there to not ride over to Rathdowney as I had been thinking but to take a trip to see what Lake Perseverance was like. The road to the lake runs off the Esk to Hampton road and the ride to the lake had been suggested to me previously by a reader of Motorcycle Paradise.

I rode then up and over Cunninghams gap and stopped at Maryville to visit this old 1950's petrol station now deserted. I like old 50's and 60's buildings and in particular roadside things from that golden motoring era. I then rode on to Allora via 'The Cedar Route'. I have a Ram mount now for my camera but all the photos and video taken on the move is too blurry.

Odd sight, two petrol pumps in the front yard?
The Ram mount allows a quick pic when stopped but totally blurred on the move.

After riding past Allora I made myself stop and go back for a look. It is just so easy to travel past everything on modern roads. They seem to draw you into thinking of the distance to travel rather than the places to stop and see. Allora was great, a real interesting and pretty town.

I rode on to Gatton for lunch via the excellent riding road that is through West Halidon and Ma Ma Creek. I made a slight detour to look at Mt Sylvia just out of curiosity and there isnt alot of cafes at Gatton so perhaps should have kept going to Esk where there is much more open however I was in need of a rest so settled for KFC.
Afterwards on the way to Esk I was pulled over by the Police. I did not get a ticket, I had just passed a car and had been some few k's over as they rounded the bend however I was given the once over, a warning and then let go to which I am very grateful. I think that is first time for me to ever be let off anything, I actually do watch my speed closely all the time - its just at the one moment of a ride where I relax and loose focus or gaze off at the horizon is always exactly where a speed trap is - just the way it seems to roll for me.

I should stop putting the MV in so many photos - the thing is it's just so photogenic

I nearly turned for home however went on up the range towards Hampton and really enjoyed the curves which are actually sweet to ride at the speed limit then turned off to Lake Perseverance. The ride down and back is quite nice, I especially enjoyed the climb back up which flowed rather well. A few tight bits down beside the actual lake itself as well to enjoy and nice view made it well worth the trip.

And so then to the long haul back home. I rode back on the highway over Wivenhoe and then turned off, with some trepidation, to come home over Mt Glorious. I took it easy along Split yard and noticed many bikes all riding very slow, no probs I always expect police action at Mt G so kept my eyes glued on the speedo but nothing.

Now I shall recount some of the reasons I don't ride Mt G:

1. Rider down at the big S in front of the 2nd park, I am passing at walking pace yet getting the evil stares and told to f##king slow down from mob of car drivers that have formed by roadside.
2. Come up behind a NooB on a litre class sports bike who brakes hard and wanders all over the place in the corners at car pace then gasses up it on straights. He sees me but wont move over an inch let me pass - hey I don't mind your new, you don't have to prove anything to me just move over an inch please and let me continue on my way.
3. After I get past and start to enjoy a nice flow then Sirens, Lights - the ambulance going to the downed rider takes my mind away.
4. A car hits the brakes and stops dead in middle of road in front of me to point at a tree - yikes!
5. Another Noob, this time on a new large BMW and has a 2nd BMW in front as escort. I encourage new riders and take care to not crowd them so I hang back for awhile but I dont want to ride all the way to Nebo at 50kph however each time I close to pass this Noob tries to go faster and then brakes messy and runs wide across the middle line exiting these most simple of corners. Hey Noob's nobody cares what speed your at, even going well beyond your current skills is still slow riding to an experienced rider so give it a rest and be safe cause we dont mind.

I pull over before I get taken out with them because I can't stand to watch anymore and stretch my legs for a spell. Eventually I get going and at least enjoy my favourite part of the road free of distractions, namely the section of 20/30kph posted hairpins immediately west of Mt Nebo township.

Long ride yet not too tiring as not working the bike all the time on those western roads. The MV continues to be up to the task with the Air-Hawk seat pad in place however the motorcycle is very hard to maintain a slow speed compared to the Buell's lazy V-Twin engine. It's one angry motorcycle as Boris of BikeMe puts it - and he is spot on.

A map with todays route can be found Here.


  1. Nice pics!

    I never heard of before. I'm going to have to use that for my next trip.


  2. I'm a bit of a late arrival to it myself, I was told about it ages ago but for some reason never got the mapping to work so left it until recently when it all worked fine.

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