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Australia's best motorcycle roads. Wisemans ferry and Bucketty to Woolombi

Wisemans Ferry and Bucketty to Wollombi.

Update - This post is very old and unfortunately lacks good information on these roads as after a couple of rides to Sydney region I elected in future to bypass the city. I know this is a favourite ride for Sydney people along with Putty road so there will no doubt be dozens of reports to better inform you about the roads and current conditions. I leave it here for my own reference only until I can get a chance to revisit. Thanks for your understanding the original post now continues.

The rides here north of Sydney are no doubt well known and popular for Sydney based riders who would have a lot more information on them, however I come from Brisbane so I will be speaking from a tourist point of view.

Between Sydney and Cessnock there is a enjoyable route via Bucketty and Woolombi.

From Windsor I rode off as if going to Putty then turned right to Wisemans ferry. The road reminded me of rides out of Brisbane northern suburbs at first with very similar feel. I rode via Sackville then on to the Hawksbury river to the Wisemans ferry crossing. Some excellent curves along the way and I imagine it would be very scenic on a fine day however a some fog and haze spoiled the views on the morning I was there.

After the river I mistakingly explored St Albans village and back to the river just to enjoy the scenic valley but there is some gravel road before continuing north.

The road surface was a bit bumpy in parts and I have a high tolerance to uneven aussie roads so be aware that might be excessive for some sports bike riders.

Once back on the main route north you will be on smooth fast roads with some excellent corners. This road seems very popular and I stopped at a popular motorbike servo for a rest and coffee break and watched dozens of groups of riders come and go. Dropping down from the hills the temperature warms up towards Woolombi and the road changes to a series of interesting sweepers through the countryside which any rider any bike will find very enjoyable, an excellent section of road both in its surveying and rural scenery.

Seems nearly all the bikes I saw stopped there and then perhaps return via the same or possibly swing over and back down the Putty road.

I don't have more info for here as I never bothered to return to the area as for me far better riding lies to the west like the Bylong valley way and Tableland way that allows me to bypass Sydney completely.


  1. Your right Ironchef, it is an enjoyable and scenic trip along the river. I have done it many times, but be aware that it is also a favourite place for boaties. Plenty of cars with boat trailers behind and some of them believe that they own the road. Have been caught out with little room to spare a few times. But enjoy all the same.

  2. My opinion is that this road offers a lot but the surface is terrible. Plus as anon said the boats and other car drivers can slow you down considerably.

  3. i suspect that's river road you're talking about, fantastic bit of tarmac. very slow paced, but very nice and flowy. there are 2 100m stretches of compacted gravel so don't worry about it. i find the drivers always let me through, but i don't mind slowing down either.

    west portland is also a good bit branching off right before the sackville ferry - connects to river road, but you miss the greatest view of the valley.


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