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Motorcycle Paradise

Twist the Throttle

Discovery Channel have made a series about each of the major motorcycle manufacturers. This includes company histories, tours of the factories, interviews with senior company members and (basic) test ride reviews of two models from each maker - mostly on location in Italy, Germany, Japan.

While I have seen some good documentaries about Japanese companies on NHK and Fuji TV in Japan (eg how Casio developed the digital camera was exceptional) this is to me the first English speaking footage I have seen and it is also focused on the motorcycle sections of these huge companies. Some of the the European footage might be even first time filmed.

And its all available to watch free on their site now, there are 4 or more 22 minute episodes on each make which I imagine are 30 minutes with ads on TV however the only thing you have to put up with is the series named being repeated often and a sometimes slightly basic approach. The video can be enlarged to a reasonable size and will even automatically play all episodes for a particular manufacturer automatic.

I cannot recommend viewing highly enough, The history and tours through museums is superb and the vast differences in manufacturing between say Honda and Bimota is amazing. Wonderful effort that is not perfect but has alot of good and unique content all made free and should be congratulated.