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Motorcycle Paradise

Squids go wild - and some random stuff

Crazy Supermotard action - keep watching it gets mighty wild - just wish they had some protective riding gear.

I keep thinking about supermoto's... they probably are the most fun type of bike to ride. I have always had my concerns however about doing any distance on one. This is something I can compromise from the point that I don't want or need a proper tourer but I do need certain comfort and practicality level as far as fuel range and highway riding.

Still one of these would go a long way to opening up more places to me with their lighter weight and extra suspension travel it leaves no excuse for avoiding unsealed roads.

No riding this weekend as I had to do some work related stuff last night late which left me unable to attend the ASF 2008 Fools Run at Casino NSW on either day. A shame, weather did look bad yesterday (but great today), anyway I am trying to achieve something this year in my new line of work and if that fails then I shall consider opportunities elsewhere.

Spent last Sunday zig-zagging to avoid showers. Started heading down the Tweed Valley but it was wet so turned back to Beechmont and then further retreated briskly over the back of the range to Canungra Outpost Cafe to get away from rain.

Saw this Can Am 3 wheeler there. Smart looking machine and quite the crowd pleaser, I beleive this colour is a special order and not sure where you can buy one. Good to see this sort of vehicle on our roads, there has been a number of hybrid type vehicles available in Europe for some time now but nothing here. The narrow minded will no doubt say get a real bike however I see this as an alternative that will allow people who otherwise may not be able to physically ride to enjoy some of the freedom and excitement. I do think leaning is important aspect so something like a MP3 tri wheeler I think is also good for some but I have a friend who suffers from MD and he could not ride but could drive one of these but sadly Australia makes you pass the motorcycle test for something that drives more or less like a car so he cannot have one of these either.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. This machine regularly follows us on our QMRF rides out and about. The rider is Skanky and she would not enjoy the freedom of biking without it. The miles we do sometimes are to great for some of the guys we ride with. The only thing that slows this bike down is the clown she carries on the back sometimes. He rides a Blade when not on the back, and come to think of it he rides that slowly too! LMAO

    So in our little community this machine ROCKS.


  3. Obviously they know how to ride...

    ..but what fuckwits!

  4. thats brave talking coming from someone who posts as anonymous, loser

  5. The way I see it the comments about "F-wits" relate to the boys on the motards? not Can-Am riders.

  6. Ah! of course... it's obvious now, thanks for that!

    It is very easy to read things the wrong way, I did not relate the comment back to the main post and have now retracted my last comment and appologise to whomever it may concern.

    Reminds me why I quit the bike forums, an inherent problem with written communication is the way each person interprets the message. Even if we write expansively covering off any item that may be taken the wrong way we still have the problem that people only read the part they choose to thus you see things flame up no matter how well written.

    Happy days!


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