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Last ride of summer

Ride report - The Scenic Rim.

I was heading south but at the last possible moment I turned west. Glad I did too.

I think we may be approaching the end of the really hot days of summer already, not that autumn in the sub tropics is cold however it was a bit cool this morning out and positively chilly in the mountains with just the summer mesh jacket. Time to get the leather back out.

I am not sure why I have not spent more time in the area referred to as the Scenic Rim, I guess there are simply so many great roads in the southern hinterland that it is my natural first choice. When I do then feel like a change I mostly ride the northern roads, which contain a couple of gems but otherwise are over rated and over policed.

The approach to Kalbar

From Yamanto you can enjoy a brisk pace if you want on the low traffic run to Peaks Crossing and then you could simply stay on the main road to Boonah however the nearby minor roads that lead into Roadvale and Kalbar offer spectacular views of the rim and make for a more enjoyable ride.

Historic Kalbar

After stopping to take a stretch and look at Kalbar I rode on to Aratula via the Moogerah dam road then Charlwood road. I think I have already mentioned the bakery at Aratula has excellent coffee and cakes at very cheap prices.

Most people know you can cut across to the Boonah-Rathdowney Rd via Mt Alford however here are two more side roads. From Mt Alford you can take Ganthorpe road to cut straight to the road to Rathdowney and if you were heading to Queen Mary falls then you can go straight to that road from Mt Alford via Dwyer Ridges road - which is a great bit of road in its own right with many turns as it hugs another mountain.

Dwyer Ridges Road

It turned rather cold climbing the range to the falls, some light drizzle had suddenly blown in however I rode through this and had some hot food and coffee at the falls cafe letting the rain clear away before heading back down the hill and with more dark clouds building to the west headed home for an early finish.

Above - Ganthorpe road brings you out here and the mountains await.

View back to the valley is outstanding.

More photos of the area in the archives and more on the short cut roads I took today and some others can be found in my side roads post which has been updated.

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