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Motorcycle Paradise

Australia's best motorcycle roads. Bucketts and backroads

Bucketts way and Dungog, NSW

After or before the Thunderbolts way, depending on your direction of travel, is Bucketts way.
To me the section between Gloucester and Nabiac is great, the other section of road called the Bucketts way lies south to Raymond Terrace and is bumpy in a few parts but is in the process of being resealed as is the Thunderbolts way north.

Nabiac to Gloucester.

So first heading towards the Pacific highway the Buckkets way is a very enjoyable ride. Sweeping roller coaster of a ride in parts with plenty of smooth corners and overall a good surface makes for a fun spirited ride. There is a lookout east of Gloucester well worth a stop and a few excellent bits as you proceed toward the sea.

Stroud Road to Lorn.

Now between Goucester and Maitland via the Bucketts starts off well enough however it can be a bit boring in the southern parts which is also where the road surface is average and the number of cars starts to build. Here is great alternative.

From the village of Stroud Road turn off and ride a route that has many historic towns, first is Dungog then on to Paterson and finally arrive at Lorn on the outskirts of Maitland. This road offers some excellent corners and interesting sights. It would seem to have been the main road through the district at one stage perhaps following the railway which is now gone? - not certain on that however the road shows in some places that it once was much more noble and if anyone knows more then please do tell.

If you take a slightly different route you can wind up in Clarence Town, which while not a bad ride does not have as many curves along the way. In any case this is a more interesting way to get between the Thunderbolts way and the Putty road.



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