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Motorcycle Paradise

Australia's best motorcycle roads. Clyde Mountain.

Clyde Mountain - Kings Highway.
Batemans Bay to Braidwood. NSW.

What a fantastic land we live in for riding motorcycles. Warm most of the time with a series of mountains from Nambour to Melbourne near to the coast that we have build roads up and over.

This road is a real gem, very smooth and easy to ride. Superb surveying with lots of flowing corners, the ride to the base of the mountain is every bit as good as the climb if you don't get caught behind traffic. I was there week day so did not encounter the highway patrols that are said to love this road however I did strike heaps of cars and trucks which made my license safe anyway. I presume weekends would see it quite busy with people heading to or from the coast and Canberra.

Interesting roadside shrine can be found on a corner called Pooh's
One of a couple of switch back corners that will test clearances on a few bikes
The climb is very very steep yet with wide smooth corners, you will want to turn around and ride it again as it is a special piece of tar indeed and I cannot think of anything exactly quite the same as it.


Keep going on the Kings Highway and you end up in the nations capital, which is an interesting and beautiful city but slightly confusing to ride/drive in.

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