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Australia's best motorcycle roads. Snowy Mtns Highway

Snowy Mountains Highway. NSW

Here is a major mountain road with countless excellent sweepers that for some strange reason is not rated more highly. I actually skipped it the first time I rode the Snowy mtns area thinking it must be no good - don't make the same mistake, this is a terrific bit of tar!

The Snowy Mtns h-way is very good road surface for 90% of the road, with a small part of what appears to be the old road still in place which makes up for being a bit bumpy by having lots of tight corners.

A brief overview north to south is leaving Tumut the road flows gently in the hills beside the Blowering reservoir with a long series of sweepers before you arrive at that steeper tight section of old road. Up high the road has a bit of straight stuff to cover before changing to a series of rise and fall sweepers that are very enjoyable. Then you leave the forested area and near the top will encounter some semi lunar landscape type country void of trees yet still with some curves and good road surface. Starting the very gentle descent the sweepers recommence for your enjoyment and are indeed excellent in some sections. After all this the countryside opens up and you have some straights but overall still a enjoyable ride into Cooma.


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