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Motorcycle Paradise

Australia's best motorcycle roads. Whitfield

Mansfield to Whitfield.

Here is another great ride in the north east highlands of Victoria. This road has plenty of variety for a motorcyclist to enjoy, its almost like 4 roads in one. I will describe the road from south to north.

Mansfield is a town servicing the snow resorts you are spoilt there for choices when it comes to good food and coffee.

Leaving Mansfield and entering the hills more you will enjoy first a dryer section of countryside with newish road that has excellent surface and generous surveying and a series of corners that are near perfect.

The corners just flow on and on in this section on the Mansfield side.

After this the road has two sections where you are up in the high country forest and the road narrows but it is still a good quality surface with plenty of curves and another section where you are more in the open following the ridges with some excellent views over the ranges.

After this the road changes again as you descend down towards Whitfield and later on to King Valley, home of some excellent wineries. On the descent you will enjoy a mix of tight corners along with many superb sweepers.



  1. From where is your cover photo (all the switch-backs) shot taken?

    1. It is a road called The Venus line, near Nagano, Japan.

  2. Have you tried the Eildon-Jamieson Road to approach Mansfield from the south?

    1. I am not familiar with that road. I have ridden the B360 from south. The C511 would be good if sealed all the way.


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