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Motorcycle Paradise

Australia's best motorcycle roads. Bells line of road.

Bells Line of Road (The Blue Mountains) NSW.

I joined this road just before Kurrajong. A nice steep climb then up to the plateau, however a speed camera spoils the fun a bit. At the top a nice lookout awaits, I could just make out some highrises of Sydney even on a cloudy/hazy morning so I imagine the view on a clear day would be superb.

Now you will ride along a scenic but very touristy section of the road that will no doubt have a bit of traffic as well. Then further both of these thin out and you will find yourself on top of the ridges of the Blue Mountains. Here it all comes together, the road and curves are terrific and so is the spectacular scenery.

At the end of the road you have a very steep descent down Mt Wilson into Lithgow. An interesting view can be had from the small memorial stop half way down the range.



  1. What was once a good fast riding road, has now been hit by the fun police and has been reduced to 80kph for a lot of it.

  2. I used to regularly travel this road day and night at Ton Plus speeds in pre-radar days. Residential pressure, more traffic, and the effects of rampant over-regulation (and the policing of same) have taken most of the fun out of it. But there's still a little left ....

    1. yes I too enjoyed this road on a regular basis back when you could have fun

  3. Always mobile speed radars on the road... be very very careful

  4. Make sure you go real early, you won't have an issue with the cops get on it by 630am.Do it on a regular basis they sit around Mt Banks and at Bell later in the day.

  5. I do this as an "out and back" from home in the Blue Mtns. Wentworth Falls to Mt Tomah Botanic Gradens and back about 50 mins each way. Miss the main built up areas near Richmond and less cops. Can be a beautiful and exciting ride.

  6. My earlier replies have been lost but thanks again for everyones comments.

  7. My earlier replies have been lost but thanks again for everyones comments.


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