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Motorcycle Paradise

Good motorcycle roads- Tweed Valley, Nunderi.

First ride today since my tour. Forecast was morning showers clearing, well it was not raining in the morning thankfully to cancel the ride however the rain clouds circled the Gold Coast and northern NSW mountains all day and my ride partner and I had to alter our ride plans accordingly to avoid getting wet. Good thing we have developed some reasonable skills on reading the clouds and have a good feel for what the weather will do more or less.

Here is a place and road I am sure not too many people will know about. Nunderi, east of Murwillumbah. This is a first ride report so I am going to add to this post a bit more soon on nearby roads and extra photos.

One possible route to enjoy this road is from Murwillumbah head to Mooball - the town on the Tweed Valley way with the cow theme ('moo' ball) and pub that is very popular with HD clubs. (why not enjoy the ride there via Stokers Siding as well as the magical Burrinbah Range)

Now turn on to Pottsville Rd at Mooball and ride this over the highway (overpass) and enjoy some curves and nice view of ocean before coming to T junction , turn left and join the highway north for a short way then exit on Clothiers Creek Rd. This is a lovely ride over a small ridge that has some nice views over the valley and many nice curves. There is a quaint small rural community of Nunderi that you will pass by and return to the Tweed Valley way near Condong.
This ride isnt one road really but a couple strung together, as a way to ride over the Clothiers creek road. Give me some time and I shall explore this area some more and maybe add some variation to this. (Update. Extra photos and new routes are here)

Above: You won't need to check signs unless you leave the road to explore.Below: Interesting views to be had.

Now you can either go to Tumbulgum and perhaps ride Terranora and Hogans rd then Currumbin or Numminbah valley. Or back to Murwillumbah and south or via Tyalgum - then on to whatever other roads, the choices are endless.

Tweed river, Tumbulgum. Good food and coffee a plenty.Watch the ski boats go by.

Thats the beauty of this area and why I think it is a motorcycle paradise and indeed named this site the same. There is so many good roads and things to see and endless places to stop for a coffee or pub lunch. I understand the new riders and the Mt G scene, been at that point myself long time ago, but for the experienced riders that have moved on please do consider visiting these parts. I rarely ride the 1/2 dozen northside roads that everyone seems to ride over and over, despite my living in the CBD and thus being close to them. Their not a bad ride occasionally but there is so much more, much of which is better, to be enjoyed elsewhere.

Don't have a same view on there not being anywhere good to ride - get out there! :-)



  1. Thought I'd just say thanks for your site - my wife and I use it to plan many of our weekends.

    BTW the rock in the pic you titled "Below: Interesting views to be had" used to be called Loders Rock which is my middle name. The loders owned just about the entire valley that you see in the pic and then some. The Tweed shire council changed it's name some time ago (not sure why)


  2. Thanks very much Mike for that info and your comments. I think I might try surprise my ride partner next time with it. He's from Alstonville so my new found local knowledge may surprise him.

    Actually I believe I have a family connection to the area some way back on my mother's side. I see the surname Murnane about the area in places, even rode over a bridge called same.

  3. I'm also from the CBD and agree with you about the northern NSW roads. They are fantastic. Thanks to this blog there are a few more than I thought.
    Was out myself on Sunday but kept close to home by doing the MtG and Fernvale circuit (yeah, I know, I know). Anyway it appears most of the showers were in your part of the world that day.
    If only one could "transport" oneself and his bike from Brissie to the coast to avoid the horrendous M1.

  4. I have gotten used the the M1 section now to a certain degree.

    I always ride from the City to Mudgeeraba (or return) non stop and get it over and done in one go. AM in cool air seems to go easier than return.

    A tip that might assist:

    I always ensure I have enough fuel in bike to not have to stop in route in the morning and avoid the overly popular BP at Yatala. Meeting there wastes alot of time and makes the trip to the south go from 50 mins at speed limit to 1hr 30min. Then you (or someone in your group) may still stop at the Gold Coast servos again anyway thus the ride seems to take ages to hit the hills. Ride direct to the Robina exit and then one stop for fuel and rest and meet and then within minutes up on Springbrook or heading into Currumbin valley.

    On way back I seem to get a bit tired coming home from either direction, each one I have a point that seems to trigger it. When I get to about Dayboro from the north, Springwood from the south or Browns Plains if from Beaudesert. However end of a good days riding it is only natural.

  5. M1?? No need to go near it if you don't want. Beaudesert Rd/Mt Lindsay Hwy down to Jimboomba, across to Canungra and all the way down the beautiful Numinbah to the border. Might take a bit longer, but much more enjoyable.

  6. Thats a good point Beaker.

    The M1 works for me as gets me there fast and I generally don't mind to cruise for the first 45 mins or thereabouts in the cool morning air then re-fuel bike and re-coffee myself :-)

    However couple of other options might include turning off at Beenleigh and riding via Cedar Crk over Tamborine down via Clagiraba and your at back of Nerang or via Logan Village as this road is resurfaced with nice new sweepers now.

    Actually we ride the back roads north instead of Bruce h-way so not sure why the same isn't done more often south...


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