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Australia's best motorcycle roads. Great Ocean Road

This post is quite old and needs updating however there are many ride reports online now for it so I shall just say it remains a bucket list ride I think for any Aussie however if you are visiting Australia from overseas then I would suggest to not focus on this road and to ride the country roads of Australia visiting the gold rush towns and unique Australian landscapes. This is a nice ride and as far as Australian ocean drives go it is good however if you have ridden ocean roads elsewhere like highway 1 California or coastal roads in Italy or Croatia for example then this is not quite in the same league.
This is Australia's most well known scenic drive and is a road every rider has probably thought about visiting at some point. Built by returned soldiers to honor fallen mates this is the largest war memorial in the world. I was told many times it was overrated but that's rubbish it is a superb road and a wonderful ride
ocean1 (1)
On a fine day like I encountered the views are wonderful, something really uplifting.
The road follows the ocean at first and later into the countryside a little and a mountain range before returning to the ocean. It has plenty of corners of all kinds and is well surfaced. I heard alot about this road before I got here but much of what I was told was incorrect IMO. People told me to be careful of the gravel on corners however I saw very little. The only small issue I will agree on is the speed limits in some parts are modest, a lot of 70 kph sections and you probably need a little extra pace than that to make it enjoyable as the road is well surveyed. But then there are a lot of other popular roads with these sorts of low speed limits now in Australia. Some people just cant stand the idea of another person having a tiny bit of enjoyment in their life. Make your own call here as you would do elsewhere.
There are a higher number of tourist vehicles and caravans, but there is also heaps of places to overtake and lots of slow lanes for them to pull over which everyone did for me. There is a lookout point every few K as well which clears the way for you as well - nice!

The ocean hugging part of the road is the first section, after that you have some scenic country side where the road flows well and then you will enjoy a hilly section with nice sweepers and some gentle rise and fall. Unfortunately I forgot to capture this section in photos as I was distracted by the police radar operating in the area.
After Lavers Hill is a superb mountain range section with lots of tight twists and turns as good as they come and some faster curves either side and on to the 12 apostles area its all good all the way.
One thing that makes this and the Great Alpine Road and Oxley H-way so good is their length. There are many good rides/roads around but only a few that are a great for nearly 200km's.

The Great Ocean Road is well worth the effort to go to one day. Its a truly beautiful part of Australia. I wish I had allowed more time to explore it in more depth - good excuse to go again some day.