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Motorcycle Paradise

Quick Saturday Ride

Numinbah Valley

Weather forecast was rain rain rain for Sunday so I went for a quick ride yesterday and yep today not a cloud in the sky.

Anyway was a good run again on a Saturday, few cars and no speed traps - bet there are at least 2 cameras and a mobile on the M1 today.

I started as always doing the mildly boring ride down the M1. Its not as bad as people make out. I ride from the CBD to Mudgeeraba in one go and its just on an hour. Thats about the max you want to ride on a Motorway before a break however it is not some sort of iron butt rally as people who only ride west or north would have you believe.

So then it was Springbrook with not a car in sight and Numinbah the same! Then I rode over towards Tumbulgum to explore a new road a Motorcycle Paradise reader suggested - more on that to follow.

Next I rode down from Terranora past Tumbulgum and into Murwillumbah. Stopped for a quick peek out from the towns lookout which seems to be getting over grown from lack of use. Perhaps because the access road has been under repair for years and still is.

Tweed River, Tumbulgum

Looking South from Murwillumbah town lookout

I then went for and early lunch at the Tweed Valley Gallery Cafe. Excellent food, coffee, service and some of the best views around.

(Edit: when I first wrote this post I spoke about my encounter with a staff member who took a real dislike to me. Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity as it was a one off so I have withdrawn my earlier comments and strongly recommend you visit)

Tweed Valley Gallery Cafe

Heading back north again I rode over Currumbin range and valley took some more photos there and elsewhere during the ride to add to the older good road posts and finally stopped at Tullebugera connection road for this last shot.

Its all good riding around here

Just off Tullebudgera Connection Rd.
The MV Agusta has its issues but is slowly winning my heart by being so damn pretty.


  1. Once again you have managed to capture the essence of the area in your pix. I am jealous - was unable to get out over the weekend and the weather, especially down at Kingscliff where I stayed was fantastic.

    Yes, the Agusta is a good looking ride - starting to grow on me.

  2. Thanks beaker, it was really a nice day, last of those spring mornings I think as the temperatures have soared upwards since then.


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