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Motorcycle Paradise

Good Motorcycle roads - Binna Burra

Green high country
Binna Burra

I have written briefly about this previously. The Binna Burra road from Beechmont isnt a long one so I have held off on posting it as a stand alone ride having already written about Beechmont which you need to ride to get to here. I didnt want you to think I post up just any old bit of tar.

I have changed my mind today after seeing a good number of motorcycles at the cafe and realising this may be a add on ride but its somewhere too good to not pass on to readers who may not be aware of it.

I have to admit I have mostly been riding up Beechmont and straight past the road to Binna Burra and then down the other side to Canungra. I used to think not many bikes went up there yet today I got to taking to one rider by the name of Ron who told me how people like himself have been riding up to Binna Burra for many years for breakfast and that in fact its been a favourite Sunday morning destination of a many riders.

(note: breakfast is again beng served in the new cafe)

It certainly makes a nice spot to have a (excellent) coffee. The new cafe is very stylish if perhaps not designed all that well with the deck at the back and a glassed in viewing room at the front. Ron told me the old cafe burnt down and was sadly missed as it had a deck out the front where you could relax and soak up the view. Pity I missed that as it sounds like it would have been a really great spot.

Road itself has some good curves and flows well. It used to be rough in places but now it in good order.

Looking down to Numinbah valley


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  1. gday warren,

    i hope your having a great time on the buell we met a rider up at binna burra with a red buell and he looked pretty happy with his. Sorry to hear you had to cut short your ride because of health reasons.

    anyway see you soon warren and dita
    go the twins


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