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Good Motorcycle roads - Terranora

I have another new excellent riding road to tell you about. A big thanks to the Motorcycle Paradise reader who suggested I look at Hogans Road Terranora. I have no name to credit this to which is unfortunate as this tip very much appreciated.

You could ride this either way but if having come from either Brisbane or Gold Coast then you might best do a loop like this:

Riding down from Numinbah to Murwillumbah turn off to Dulguigan road - the road to Tumbulgum - and then you can do a loop in either direction. A. turn off left into Hogans rd before you reach Tumbulgum (actually about 1/2 way along where the very sharp 40k right is) or B. Ride up the hill to Terranora (on Terranora rd) from Tumbulgum then left into Bilambil rd to Bilambil which becomes Hogans rd back down to Dulguigan rd again.

Rides well either way.

The Southern side is tight rainforest, the northern side is more open. If you turn off into the estate at top on the hill then you can see a couple of millionaire homes and a nice view to the ocean and across to the neighboring ridge which is Trees rd I wrote about a few posts back.

Its a fun ride and makes a nice loop. A few more bits like this and you could easy fill in a ride day without going into the longer distant areas further south. eg add in a loop around via Tyalgum and then over to Uki and back to Stokers Siding and return to Murwillumbah for lunch at the pub then return ride via Currumbin range - thats a top ride that will see you home early.

More about this area in this post



  1. Glad you like the road :-)


  2. Aha! so it was Missy that gave me this great road :)

    Thanks again.



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