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Good Motorcycle roads - Tumbulgum

Tumbulgum (and Terranora)

I am breaking Tumbulgum out of the side roads listing to give it a post of its own as its too good to leave as simply a side road and if you add on Terranora then you have a fair distance of excellent riding to cover.

To do this ride you best approach from a position of having ridden down over Currumbin or Numinbah ranges or if returning from Murwillumbah or Tyalgum. What ever way you arrive there you need to take the Dulguigan road from Tomewin road north of Murwillumbah.

Now you will enjoy the twists and turns between the cane fields before joining the Tweed River into Tumbulgum, an excellent quick pace ride. Now to extend this further ride up the ridge to Terranora on the Terranora road. Superb views over the lakes to the ocean the Gold Coast and return with good views over the Tweed valley on the decent back down to either Tumbulgum or south to Murwillumbah or North back over the border.

I turned around at the old general store and cafe on the Terranora road as it presents a handy spot to rest and have a drink on the veranda but check back for a further update and more photos on this ride in next week or so.

More of these two places can be found in this post.

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  1. Another good road off Terranora is Hogans Road. It is a nice bit of road with rainforest and twisties. Found it on one of our Sunday rides :-)

  2. Ah I see it (on google maps) I shall try that road out next week when I plan to re ride some of the area to get some more photos.

    Thanks very much for the tip!


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