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Review - Grip Puppies

The MV Agusta has a high frequency buzz that is invasive at certain rpm. All inline fours I have ridden buzz a certain amount as V-twins all seem to pulse and shake at low rpms by this bike is terrible.

The Brutale's engine vibration is unfortunately the amongst the worst I have experienced as some members of the press have also noted. A few bolts have have vibrated loose and fallen off - I expected that on my Buell but not on this bike.
Anyway it's something I am stuck with so I already replaced the bar ends with heavier weights which helped a little, the next thing I was going to do was replace the grips with foam ones. While looking for foam grips I was on a touring bike forum reading threads about handle bar vibration reduction ideas and came across Grip Puppies.

These are foam tubes that slip over your existing handle bar grips to give extra comfort and reduce vibes without the need to alter your factory grips. A simple idea that sounded great.

I order a set and they arrived promptly just one week later downunder without excessive postage charges - thats good service. Here they are fitted.

(Update: the company I previously ordered from no longer ships via regular air-mail - like many retailers in the USA they choose to now only ship International Express which makes the shipping 6 to 10 times what it should be if just sent air-mail , look on amazon instead)

You simply wet inside with some soapy water and slide on - takes all of 2 minutes start to finish and mine do not slip at all once fitted.

On the road they do help to slightly reduce the buzz like the heavy bar ends. They certainly made the MV more comfortable than standard rubber grips.

These will not suit everyone - you do need to adjust to a thicker grip, small hands may not be able to, but if you really have a serious comfort issue with vibration then for a few dollars these have got to be worth a try. Look on eBay to buy a set.

Update: Now 1 year into use and I can recommend them for buzz without hesitation. You will take a few rides to adjust to the extra thickness but they do reduce the vibrations.

Update 2: Still going fine, now fitted to my Buell in 2010  but perhaps not really needed on the twin.

Update 3: No longer using them, my Honda is very smooth and thus these are not needed. Still in good condition and could be used if needed so long lasting items.

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