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Motorcycle Paradise

Paradise lost?

I had a chilly but free flowing ride on the Sunday past with very little traffic.

Riding the south west loop I was planning to explore a few more places but the cold took away some of my normal enthusiasm as the sun hid away until mid afternoon and when it did show it was too little too late.

Not far south of Rathdowney you will see a sign on your right to Mt Barney national park. A few nice curves on the road and this amazing view presents itself. Mt Barney is just to the right of this shot and I don't know yet what mountain this is but you could be excused for thinking you were somewhere else other then a short distance out of Brisbane.

I lunched at the Kunghur Cafe with a number of other bikers, excellent food and coffee as usual and a selection of my favourite magazine (Australian road rider) to peruse while waiting. I then rode on via Uki to Tyalgum, where I was shocked and saddened to discover plans to dam this beautiful valley and flood much of the land west of Murwillumbah.

If you have never been there then it is not possible to imagine how wonderful the area is - I would move there tomorrow if I had a means to support myself there. The town and nearby roads have some of the most amazing scenery which borders the world heritage listed sites of the region.

Like the idea to dam the Franklin - this really is not very clever. We are not such a small or financially poor country that we have to drown sites deemed of world heritage value. Howard is backing it and Rudd will block it - best bet is go and enjoy it now regardless of your political beliefs just in case lack of common sense prevails. The pub on the left entering town is very popular with bikers as is the cafe next to the general store.

Yet another reason to try a ride south next time - see Tyalgum before its 6 foot under water.

And from the fresh mountain air back to the city smoke haze. :-(

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